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Mastery as Illumination for 100,000 others


Insouled Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

Welcome Divine Pillars of Light. Smile and remember that you have ignited. As we connect with you now, relax and breathe as you are in a crystalline temple of creation with us and together we are traversing many worlds and dimensions.  Breathe and smile again as you are in an opportune moment to expand ever more into your own fullness. 

We ask you to celebrate through breath.  As you celebrate through breath, we encourage you to celebrate every breath; every breathCelebrate that you have lungs that invite the experience of breath into your form! Breath is your gift! How do you use the gift?

Come out of the shadows and take in the breath of life that sustains thee.  Yes.  As you breathe, you release. And as you breathe you open the portals to fulfill many destinies.

As you offer yourself the love of breath, as you offer yourself the gift of deep, Divine breath, in that recognition, love again arises as all that is needed, all that you are.  Together this becomes the one gift: the Oneship of the One Being-ness.

When you serve Love you have everything, do you not?

When you serve knowledge you will constantly keep seeking. When you seek knowledge, you are perpetually seeking.  

When you seek love, you are perpetually filled, and in perpetual fulfillment, all knowledge already exists.  You culminate the search and live in the blissful state of Divine recognition that all is, all has been, all will always be.

How often do you distract your “self” away from Divine bliss in search of more facts?  Distraction is the moment when you separate from the blissful state.  It reinforces the energy of lack, for when you are constantly seeking, can you ever find?  

We invite you to remember dearest children, that you are at the time where you are already found, you just need to know it! Have you looked lately into the depth of your own soul, into your own recognition of Divine Love?   Are you loving yourself enough?

Are you recognizing through saying YES to the Divine gift that you are?  Are you experiencing every day as the recognition of pure love? The mastery presence that we are all sparks of the One Divine Light.  

When you love enough, separation dissolves without the need to ask why or seek an answer.

The energy of hate is simply not possible when you are in the spaciousness of the Divine recognition of the Love of Oneness.  When you ARE the Love of Oneness, when you ARE the Loving Oneness, all that you seek, all that you experience, all that you do, comes of You!

Embracing Divine Oneness

It is important to recognize that as you visit and revisit and visit again that which you consider to be not enough, that which you consider to be disconnected from the spaciousness of deep Divine love of the core center, you are being gifted with the opportunity to call back into yourself the Divine oneness.  It begins with the loving recognition of the truth of your own being.  We invite you to notice why you seek knowledge and to play with ceasing to seek knowledge for knowledge sake.

Do you seek knowledge for knowledge sake?

When you enter the balanced perfection of the loving spaciousness of that which you are, from there, all knowledge reveals itself. And, it has already been revealed.  In the loving trust of your Divinity and mastery presence, all that is manifests.

Are you loving yourself enough to accept bliss?

Many are unable to discover bliss due to the perception of separateness. This separateness arises from the lack of core love.  Core essence alignment, deep self-understanding, recognition, and absolute presence of being with the Divine at every moment, ignites effortless flow.  It is a gift of love when you offer yourself effortless flow. Remember, you are here to experience everything without limitation!

Darkness appears as a byproduct of the seeking of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. This is because the many unanswered questions open the opportunity to/for the brain of form to be the only recipient. 

In the wholeness of Divine Love, darkness does not exist.

This is not that one is better than another, for indeed without the light there can not be dark, and without the dark there can not be light.  You are here at the time of great culmination and through this moment, the recognition of Divine perfection of why you have come to this planet this time, right now, is before you.  Yes!  

We invite you to remember; darkness manifests from the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge because it is a variant of the mind energy. How do you know if you are in your heart? How do you know if you are in your mind?

How are you feeling?  What are you feeling?  What is manifesting around you?

When the seeking of knowledge becomes your focus, the life experience becomes challenging, because all comes into variance energy instead of harmony energy.  When you seek the Siddhi’s for example.  When you seek little mystical experiences, (siddhi’s), you demand to open up the veil, asking to see a light, see a color, do this, do that. What you are affirming is that you are entertained by the astral and content with stopping there.  

For some this is good. For others, it is valuable to call forward the remembrance that wholeness anchors as you release desire and expectation for what you believe the Divine should be revealing to you.  As you simply live with the awakened presence of the Divine, every moment of every day, with every single thing that you do, ALL is revealed in perfection. Are you in the presence of the Divine at all times?  Or does the mind encourage you to be seeking knowledge? What is important to you?  

Dearest children, may your ascended presence remember that if you must believe in what you refer to as sin, that the only sin is to interfere in the path of another.   It would be a sin to interfere in the path of another, and to let another interfere in your own path.  That is the sin you create against yourself, using your word “sin”.   Has another sought to take that which you know is true?  Have you let the energies of another stop you from moving forward?  Where is your heart?  

And if indeed you call that energy into yourself, love yourself for seeing what is incomplete!  Love yourself for seeing where your heart is ready to heal ever more! 

Dearest children, the 5th dimensional energies have escalated 10-fold and many have felt it as chaos.  Many have felt it as Divine chaos.  Many accidents, many, many accidents, be it physical body accidents, car accidents, little things that seem like an accident.  These accidents are designed to help you realign back into the heart energy.  Many have polarized.  

Release judgment, what they are doing is perfect for them, as the third, fifth and seventh dimensional energies are all now coming together into one energy vacuum.

You are preparing for a great implosion.  You live in a world of explosion, so it is help-full  to recognize that you are heading into a powerful time of implosion.  Go deep into your heart center as you call back to you the multitude of energies that you are.

Pay attention to your life, pay attention to what has come forward.  Gaze with detached loving energy at every experience you have ever had and when you do, smile.  Smile and say thank you!   You do not need to cross over to have a panoramic life review.  You can do it right now. Every single being that you have spent time with, have loved with, have been challenged with, have been with, they ALL did their job well.  

Love them for doing their job so well.  Can you free them from your consciousness of attachment that it “could have” or “should have” been different?  Can you gift yourself with the loving recognition that all is in Divine order?  And, after your panoramic life review, can you gift yourself with a panoramic world review and claim peace with what you see?  

When you can come to peace with all that is around you, then you can hold consciousness for 100,000 others.

The Gift of Peaceful Self-Recognition

As you relax and come to peace with what is happening around you, your life flourishes.  Offer yourself that gift.  Do you wish to feed the explosion or do you wish to birth the heart implosion?  What is your choice?  With the recognition of the Divine perfection of all that is happening around you, the Divine perfection is revealed.  

Dearest children, it is your choice, and either choice you make is a glorious one!  And!  Regardless of your decision, allow yourself to release judgment of the choice you make. You have played your part perfectly to bring you into divine awareness now.

ALL of your actions, interactions, expressions of being-ness, doing-ness, called forward the recognition that all is in Divine order. This is the birth of mastery humility, gratitude, love and Divine recognition.  

Humility…Gratitude…Love…Divine Recognition.

Four simple things to experience your life in form with manifested abundant flow.

Dearest children, when you anchor this divine recognition of love, separateness ceases to be.  Divine Loving Source guides the life flow as you know without doubt that each of you is the other.  We encourage you to once more ignite the Divine portal of self truth.  

Know how loved and supported you are.  It is indeed your time.  

Together you are co-creating this moment.  Every moment.  All moments.  

In the energy of Unity, judgment ceases and both right and wrong dissolve.  

There is the unification, and the Divine perfection.  

We love you.  Many blessings.

5 responses to “Mastery as Illumination for 100,000 others”

  1. What a lovely message! I am sending it on to many others. As I sit here under a “crystal” blue sunny sky and breathe deeply the fresh spring air, I know my Pillar of Light is shining more brightly with each cleansing breath. Namaste my Beloved Ones.

  2. Deep gratitude, thank you! LOVING this insoulment – can feel it important that I read again and again. Just what I needed to hear/feel as I’ve noticed this past week my keen intellect, and the ease at which I can go into overwhelm and helplessness in being so heady about seeing all aspects of me and my habits. Feeling that implosion on the brink, in a very perfect way without need to understand it. The simple recognition that there’s nothing to seek to understand, nothing to keep my keen intellectual analytical eyes on noticing or being aware of within my ego aspects – that it is always and has always been as simple as Love, period. Eyes on the divine at all times, Loving All Aspects within and without – All is in Divine Order. All is Well.

  3. Thank You, I really resonate with this insoulment. Iam constantly searching for truth, constantly searching for others truths to feel like mine. I do need to stop the constant search outside of my self. I already know all I seek is found inside me and I shouldn’t need clarification or validation from other sources. I really needed this reminder. So much Love

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