Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

Miracle Team Message - May 16, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – May 16, 2011



This Miracle Message is from Archangel

Hello Beloved Ones, Hello!

The gift of joy is yours to carry as you peel away the layers of illusion
that would seek to entrap this great gift.

To experience the joy of the bliss-filled state of YOU is the essence of the
Self-Ascended state and the foundation that lifts you through all earthly experience
that would limit your expansion.

As you ascend through the spiral of the journey of the soul, the energy of
joy is ever-present yet ever-wobbling until you build the foundation of the
three-fold energies that ARE Self-Ascension.

These energies are:

    • Peace
    • Love
    • Joy

Each is a foundation that carries the vibration of lifting to affirm the next.
These energies carry forth the fullness of the allness expression as building
blocks upon each other while reuniting the soul into Oneness.

Your world is now anchored to receive great showers of light from the full
presence of the Archangelic Realm and beyond. These showers of light will be
manna for the awake and famine for the sleeping.

The awake will feel the bounty of the stabilization of the three-fold energies
of Peace, Love and Joy. There will be an upliftment of consciousness that has
not yet been experienced on your planet. This moment is already in process and
invites the awake to join with the Ascended Energies as one company of Illumination.

For those who have chosen to remain attached to the density, they will experience
this shower of energy as greater affirmation of all earthly attachment. The
energy will assist the stabilization of judgment, separation and justice. The
opposite of Peace, Love and Joy.

Many are still asking, how do I know if I am on the path of Stabilization
of Self-Ascension? This is as simple as opening your divine heart with great
love and simply asking yourself:

Do I find peace through the universal acceptance that is divinely
in order?

Do I find peace through the judgments that my path is the only
path and other paths are misguided?

Do I experience love through all experiences, even those that
the world of illusion would describe as less than love? Am I able to love
others enough to stand in the truth of the light?

Do I experience love through the anchoring of my judgment of what
love is and through my need to have this judgment affirmed by others?

Do I experience Joy as the fully embodied presence of the divine
plan in motion through me, with me and as me? Am I able to see the joy in
my experience of this life, regardless of the ego’s definition of what
it feels joy is?

Do I experience Joy through my sense of justice being served for
me and my belief systems? Is my joy based upon the need and desire to have
others support my sense of joy and as a means to take joy from others whom
the ego does not agree with?

Beloved Miracle Makers!

May the collective miracles that the assembly of Angels in form bring back
to your world be filled with the Divine presence of Peace, Love and Joy!

There are great moments before you and your love and sincerity have brought
you to the moment of clarity and rejuvenation!

Have no fear as you boldly and joy-fully walk through this moment with the
gift of illumination thereby offering this same gift to all!

You are the Miracle and you are the Miracle Maker!

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