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How to Recognize Interference - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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How to Recognize Interference


“Only doubt can disconnect you from your being-ness” – Archangel Zadkiel

When we allow the energy of doubt to permeate our consciousness, we have allowed ourselves the opening of a portal that will be attractive to chaotic interference/Astral energies to enter.

Once this interference energy has anchored itself, often we are unable to discern that it is present. To move through this energy takes great self-determination and transparency. Remember, the goal of this energy is to Interfere! As you allow your heart to fully anchor its presence and release the egoic filter that will want to hold firmly to the energy of interference, (since often this energy will “stroke” the ego to stay present), you will find yourself clearly seeing whether this energy is present or not.

You are able to walk through this experience and gain mastery along the way! And, once you take the steps of freedom, you are able to fully anchor on the other side. Simply, the single most important step is for you to be able to recognize the energy when it is present. The following list was lovingly gifted to the planet from Archangel Zadkiel and will assist you to more easily recognize when you are being interfered with and/or if the information you are receiving is not of the highest:

1. Money motivated

2. Ego gratification

3. Personal agenda

4. Sense of right and wrong

5. Need for God to appear to you

6. Outside of a sincere love space

7. The information you desire is to Justify a position you feel is right

8. The information you share interferes with another, ie: Leaves them feeling less than or wrong about their own truth/experience

There is one other critical component to releasing the grip of interference:

You are not able to break free from someone else’s story if it is given to you with more passion and energy than you carry for yourself.

This is a metaphor for the experience of this world. Until you can anchor your Self-Ascended heart and break free from ALL stories, (including past life), you will not ever be able to break free from the illusion: This includes your ability to embrace YOUR passion and the energy of YOUR truth for yourself without doubt.

The astral interferes at the level that is seeking passion and energy to know and experience. Remember that consistent seeking will all-ways allude finding because it has empowered doubt…the key component for interference to enter.

This is why empowering your own heart with discernment is paramount and the key to unlocking this gift is to be wholly transparent with yourself as you review the list above. The astral will do ANYTHING to gain power through claiming yours. Anchor your heart, release your doubt and enjoy your freedom!

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  1. Having just read this article I feel that it definitely pertains to me. And I want to be set free from all doubt. The part about consistent seeking is definitely descsribing me to a tee. I am wholeheartedly seeking my power and a spiritual experience that will give me all the faith I need. I choose to let go of all the doubt I have been holding onto.

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