Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

February 2024 Ascended Numerology - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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February 2024 Ascended Numerology

Ascended Numerology February 2024

Ascended Numerology Forecast for February 2024. through Master Lady Kira Raa

 Ascended Numerology, through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation, integrates ALL of the elements. The harmonic combination of Sacred Geometry with an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters), opens the gateway of Ascension vibration through the proper application of the ancient formulas. This IS the moment YOU remember your-self as a Miracle in Action.  The conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation assisting your Mastery Presence as the Yoga of Self-Ascension

February 2024 = 8 (as 17) + Infinite  

The Spinning Lotus of Infinite Presence Emerges:  The Inner Spiritual Warrior Rises as Ultimate Protection

 The power of the 17 is rising.  A constant smiling reminder that as you bring the 1+7 together, it will in all-ways, bring you home to your INFINITE Divine Mastery PRESENCE.

Moving forward with the fully risen energies of January, and as the imminent 50,000 yr cycle completes its first turn in our timeline, your Spinning Lotus is ready to create, create, create!  This creation energy is vibrant and filled with the confidence and “courage” of the spiritual warrior.

YOU ARE NOW…fully ready and armed with the tools of KNOWING of your Infinite nature. Relax and smile through any and all perceptions of challenge. This is the FIRST moment of deep reflective and conscious choice in this year of the Ascension energy frequency of CHOICE.

This is an ACTIVE reminder to gaze back at the culminating months of 2023, especially November.  For it was November 2023 when you last touched this energy as the preview of the coming year.

As the ever-refining spiral of consciousness continues to evolve and shift to adapt to our alchemical evolution…so are YOU!

February = 9

The Infinite Energy of the Trinity unfolds:  The Transcendent Transformation into Alchemical CHOICE

 The March Equinox of 2024 is already gazing at us all and the Great Spiral has now begun to reveal the Field of Adaptability.  This is the KEY…ADAPTABILITY.

As a major anchor and one of the four pillars of the wheel, the 9 that is February, is uniquely supporting the energy of flow through conscious movement.

Taking the active steps to put every-thing into motion is the moment at hand. The Trinity energy forms a supportive pyramid of illumination to support your Divine flow.  As the month moves forward, the VISION that you are carrying is especially potent at and during both the Full Moon and the New Moon.

Gaze deeply within at the movements of all aspects of your life.  Be sure to patiently and outside of all judgement, notice your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual movements.  What is serving you and what is holding you back?


Most importantly…what is the movement YOU ARE WILLING to put into motion to invite the transcendent transformation into your formed awareness?

The Alchemical Choice is upon you. Open your newly adapting cosmic eyes and SEE…perhaps for the first time…the support that is yours to claim.

February Mastery Integration Practice:

Spin. Spin. Spin!

Consciously demonstrate to your body and self that YOU ARE… ready to weave the potentialities into form.  As the root center begins to stabilize with the spinning energy of complete balance. This is the moment to engage the physical body with the eternal spiral energy in FORM. This active movement re-sets your trajectory of interactions with all things of this world!

Stand straight and with your feet firmly on the ground.

Inhale in a deep cleansing breath, and as you exhale stretch your arms out by your sides.

Turn your head to the right and focus on your right wrist.

Then begin spinning…slowly at first.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed upon your wrist.

Notice that you are picking up speed with your spin and able to complete FIVE spins without stopping.

Then…relax for a moment.   Smile!

Now repeat the above with your eyes focused upon your LEFT wrist and spin in the other direction.

Five times in each direction will reset your Eternal Life nature into Restorative Balance.

February Ascension Up-level Dates:

This very special month that often evokes the energy of LOVE is invited YOU to remember to love you first!  The spinning wheel of the FIRST SPIRAL of self-creation is exciting and calls us all out.  No more hiding…come forward and IN-JOY!   FRIST Sunday every month at Noon ET:  YouTube/OfficialSriandKira for LIVE UPDATES and Q&A.

February = 9      2024 = 8 + Infinite      February 2024 = 8 (as 17) + Infinite

 February 01 2024: 4

In perfect Balance the 50,000 year cycle Self-creates its FIRST SPIRAL

February 09 2024: 11 Prime

The ONE + the ONE HOLD the Field of Adaptability as the New Moon VISION

February 24 2024:  7 Prime



Ascended Numerology February 2024 

February 2024 Ascended Numerology Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form as known through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation.  Sharing the Sacred Union of body & spirit, this illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience.  Ascended Numerology has a profound affect upon the physical body experience of the monthly energy sequencing.  Gift your-self and gaze at the physical body chart. Release needing to “understand” and Trust that YOU KNOW!

Welcome to the in-body-ment of your mastery.  As the root center of the physical body transforms into the spiral of movement…your high heart is asking you to TRUST YOU!

When the lotus chakra rules the month, and especially as the 1+7, the power of the 17 it-self as the infinite presence of the cosmos invites your vision to be called into formed presence.

You are ready for this moment.  Remember that your body LOVES YOU! It has been patiently waiting for YOU to offer it the reassurance that you are here to support its highest expression of Peace, Love and JOY.

Notice your heart! Notice your head!

Then…remember that the root is NOW spinning with extra-ordinary creation activity.  This is the ultimate moment to invite the honest self-inquiry:

Is my root center filled with PEACE that KNOWS I AM moving forward?   Or

Is my root center filled with the FEAR of my own safety and sense of stability?

Remember BE-Loved ONE… your body will reflect the depth of your inner beliefs. Consciously or not, the energy is revealing and YOU ARE the COMMANDER to move it forward!

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