Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

March 2024 Ascended Numerology - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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March 2024 Ascended Numerology


Ascended Numerology, through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation, integrates ALL of the elements. The harmonic combination of Sacred Geometry with an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters), opens the gateway of Ascension vibration through the proper application of the ancient formulas. This IS the moment YOU remember your-self as a Miracle in Action.  The conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation assisting your Mastery Presence as the Yoga of Self-Ascension.

March 2024 = 6 + Infinite
Alchemical Integration in Union with the Body
Welcome to the Unified Field of Potentiality!

Free from the Field of limitation, humanity is ready to RISE into the Alchemical state of Conscious Awareness as the Master IN-formed Awareness.

Imagine that YOU were born for this moment! You are HERE…NOW…as the full presence of your infinite nature is inviting sacred union through Conscious Awareness. March is a month filled with “intense shift” that is inviting YOU to RISE…more!

As we unify our-self through the release of self-imposed judgements and limitations, the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation calls us to CHOOSE!  The moment for your dreams to manifest is before you.  The key, or the “secret” is for YOU to KNOW that the commander of your life is YOU!  To boldly accept the blessing of your unique experience of this life as the radiant carrier of ever greater inner Peace, Love and Joy!

IT IS…your radiance of unification that is the eternal attractor field ready to create…over and over again.  Only this time…YOU ARE the conductor as well as the orchestra.


March = 7
The Harmony of Mastery Rises from Within
The Recognition of Service as a Way of BEing begins.

The March Equinox and the Great Spiral are opening the depth of your Ancient Divine Mastery Presence to Flourish and BE.

2024 is an Ascension energy year of CHOICE and in this moment, that choice is the acceptance of cosmic eyes to clearly SEE BEYOND the self-imposed limitations of this worldly moment.  This is the rare opportunity to KNOW beyond all fear, doubt, and hesitancy that YOU ARE the MASTER in form ready to SERVE the world that is coming of age.

Fully rising in the harmonic frequency of Divine Mastery Presence is outside of the physical, mental and emotional. IT IS the inner wisdom that cannot ever be taken from you.  The deep knowing that you were BORN FOR THIS MOMENT.

The eternal smile that invites you to relax into the trust of your divine nature. The gift of abundant flow that is yours to harvest as YOU…LOVE YOU…MORE!


March Mastery Integration Practice:


The process of the Mastery breath is to consciously command this sequence of breaths as you focus upon the gift of your mastery. Optimally, offer this gift to your-self at least one or twice per day with conscious presence.

Relax as you sit or lie down. Your comfort matters.  Once you are settled, inhale a deep cleansing breath and release fully. Simply notice as you focus upon the energy of Mastery.

Scan your physical body and sense of BEing-ness, is there resistance?

Invite another deep breath and release:

It is because you are a master you would have the experience of you believing you are not.

Breathe again:

IT IS… time to gift your-self with experiencing every-thing as a novice.

Breathe again and relax outside of all self-judgement and ask:

Am I a master of illusion? 

Am I a master of Joy? 

Am I a master of creating chaos? 

Am I a master of love?”

It is time to Free your-self, Free your mind, Free your soul.  YOU ARE…the Master.


March Ascension Up-level Dates:

The Equinox moment of balance influences every-thing as March births momentum and presence!  While the dates may be “fewer” they are STRONG energy reminding us ALL to BE the MASTER of the journey!  Be sure to connect with Sri & Kira LIVE for expanded sharing the FRIST Sunday every month at Noon ET:  YouTube/OfficialSriandKira.


March = 7      2024 = 8 + Infinite      March 2024 = 6 + Infinite

March 10 2024: 7 Prime

I AM Mastery NEW MOON Harmonic UP-level

March 19 2024: 5 Prime

The Alchemical Equinox of Eternal Presence

March 25 2024:  4

Still Center FULL MOON as Perfect Balance


March 2024 Ascended Numerology Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form as known through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation.  Sharing the Sacred Union of body & spirit, this illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience.  Ascended Numerology has a profound affect upon the physical body experience of the monthly energy sequencing.  Gift your-self and gaze at the physical body chart. Release needing to “understand” and Trust that YOU KNOW!


As you bring a hand to your heart, invite a deep relaxing breath, and KNOW that YOU ARE READY for this very unique intersection of cosmic and planetary energies.  As we all navigate the March 2024 energy, it is BALANCE that will lead the way.

To call forward Balance as the SEED OF CREATION is the effect of this energy on the physical form. This balance is being supported through a loving dose of support from the universe as the infinite weaves with the balance we sustain to ignite WISDOM.   Intricate and intertwined with your truth, this wisdom is ready to express as YOU.

The still center Full moon will call forward every-thing as balanced wisdom fills your root chakra with Beingness. Get clear on what YOU…ARE… calling forward. May your heart remember that YOU ARE the COMMANDER of your amazing physical vessel. Connect deeper with what it is sharing and KNOW that it is calling out for you to SOAR!  IN-JOY!

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