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Claiming YOUR Divine Anchorship: A key to navigating turbulent times - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Claiming YOUR Divine Anchorship: A key to navigating turbulent times

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic
Oracle Kira Raa

As the earth is beginning her beautiful dance with all
living beings, NOW is the MOMENT to remember and claim the many gifts that have
been pouring forth for us through the Archangelic realm.

2010 is the year of Divine acceptance, and reaching the
summer solstice reminds us to claim our balance, define our harmony and the
importance of reunification.  This
gift is lovingly shared through the profound words of Archangel Zadkiel, and we offer this gift to you now.

Archangel Zadkiel Speaks:

It is a great celebration indeed to share this sacred time
with you today. It is a momentous occasion, as you are at the time of Divine
remembrance and reunification.  As
you bring forward the great energy of this time, and as you embody the energy
of this time, beloved children of this world, we offer to you an understanding
of what it is to be in the process of Self-Ascension.  Many have claimed an opening for themselves, a gateway, or a
portal into the energy of Self-Ascension, and many are now actively using the
word Ascension.  

Where Is Your Anchor?

Beloved angels, for indeed you are angels, when one holds
open the portal of Self-Ascension, there is a great anchoring of spirit that
occurs. To anchor your spirit is indeed different than you may think of
anchoring a boat.  When you anchor
a boat, you throw out the heavy weight and you dredge the bottom, do you
not?  Yes, and many are anchoring
their spirit in this way.  This is
the attachment to what many call the root chakra.

Many are anchoring and dredging deep into pain, recognition,
and habitual energy. This is OK.  Sometimes in order to weather the storm, you must drop anchor and just
hold on!  Many are dropping anchor
this way, many are dredging, many are going to hold on very, very tight for the
storm.  Good.

And so we ask you; What and where
beloved ones, is your anchor?

The Dogon and the Ascended Heart

Many eons ago on this world, there was as a tribe that is
still here today.  Many of you call
them Dogon*, and the Dogon were seeded with the energies of cosmic origin.  Many of you, when you were still in full form as cosmic
beings, came in what you would call ships.  You came in this way so that you were able to offer to the Dogon a tangible method of creating understanding, for they
were in this world holding an energetic opening for the illumination and the
growth of many other beings. 

Many were on Gaia, however the Dogon are one of the original seedings of this world.  For many millennia, they have held
closely the understanding of what the Ascended Heart energy looks like.  In your quantum physics, scientists
have been looking at the mitochondria and the mitosis of the cells and how the
cells divide, and how they look.  Beloved children, in the understanding of quantum physics you will find
that the Dogon have been creating your Ascended Heart
for eons.  You will find that the
Ascended Heart resembles many of the drawings that many still do not
understand, and that your quantum scientists are just now beginning to

Hidden, and no longer hidden, is the truth of your ascended
energy.  Hidden and No Longer Hidden.  For many eons the Dogon have held a sacred vow of silence.  They have been very, very, astutely aware of their own
illumination.  When each is
astutely aware of their own illumination, it is not necessary to be so verbal
with others about it. 

Oftentimes, the ones who are the loudest are the ones who
are the most afraid. 

Choosing Your Anchor

We encourage you as you move forward in your illumination,
and allow your own Self-Ascension to open and reopen, to be hidden and yet no
longer hidden, as you allow your Ascended Heart to come forward, what do you
choose to be or anchor?   Perhaps you may choose your Ascended Heart.  In the energy of the Ascended Heart there is no need to
dredge at the bottom of a lake, for indeed you are an angel floating over it,
showering it with love.  What would
the lake prefer, a deep dredge or a shower of love?  Both can assist.  Sometimes you need to dredge the lake to stir up what’s hidden, to let
other new energy reveal itself, and sometimes you need to sprinkle a shower of
love for healing.  Both energies
coexist beloved ones, and this is most important to share with you today. 

You are at a great powerful time of many storms, and these
storms are coming in many powerful ways, and the wind will blow in many

Will your heart blow with the wind, or are you able to be
anchored and let the wind simply blow around you?  Are you one day in love with one concept, and one day in
love with another?  Do you
vacillate in your truth?

Beloved children, you can either be the wind; allow the wind
to cleanse you; or simply witness the wind around you. There are many choices,
and let them begin with your anchor.  From there, your becomes an opportunity for you to simply BE.

The Truth of Your Illumination

Recognize that to fully embrace the Self-Ascension process,
you must have an anchor, and your anchor must be very firmly cast.  Oftentimes in your illumination you
become preoccupied with illumination, perhaps even habitualized in following a need to know.  We
encourage you to ask yourself: What is it
I need to know? Is it coming from an anchor that is cast in a deep root center,
or is it coming from my heart?

We adore your search for recognition of where your anchor
is, and when that search truly comes from a heart that is anchored in
sincerity, we will answer question after question because it will further
assist your illumination.  Ask
yourselves in your own discernment, when you are asked question after question,
are you being asked from a sincere heart that is seeking to find an anchor, or
are you being asked simply because there is a habit of energy that seeks to be
right, confronting what you are being?  Stop now for a moment, breathe, and fully embrace this. 

Recognizing Doubt

It is a very powerful lesson when you are able to recognize
that the search for search purposes only has already anchored in a root chakra
that is interested in being present only to the root chakra.  Good.  When one is questions simply to question, perhaps one of the
greatest gifts you can offer to that one is an opportunity to witness your
presence, to witness your truth, to witness your love, to witness your
recognition that doubt no longer exists within your beautiful being. 

When you doubt yourself, when you doubt the world around you, when you
doubt the expressions of all that are happening, when you question for
question’s sake, this is when the energy of separation comes into you.

Beloved children, it is a good thing when it happens.  It is important to look at that doubt
and say, “Thank you beloved doubt, I am grateful you are here.  Thank you beloved doubt, because now I
can say OK, I am Done with you.  Thank you.” 

And you must thank it, or it will come back in many ways.

It is important to be present with your own self-fulfilled
being-ness first.  Ask yourself
whenever you feel out of balance, unstable, unfulfilled by asking:  Where
am I doubting?  Show me beloved

Command the energy.  You will discover the source, if you do
not doubt that you found it!  Is
that not a precious gift to know? 

Calling Forth Your Anchor

And so, as you gift yourself with releasing ever more doubt,
every moment of every day, then you call forth your own anchor, and it does not
matter beloved children where you find you anchor.  We have offered to you two possible anchor points.  What we can offer to you is that there
are other anchor points.  Some will
anchor in what they call the second or third chakras also.  However, you have a body, beloved
children, do you not?   

As you have this beautiful body, when you allow the
anchor of the heart to stabilize, when you keep bringing yourself there, then
you are open to the cosmic interpretation of all wisdom that has ever
been.  The synchronicities will be
powerful.  You will find abundantly
that the doorways are all open because you have released the doubt that they
would not be.

Your Illumination and the Great Storms

In the time of the great storms, you will want to share your
illumination.  The greatest gift you can offer
in the sharing of your illumination, is the integrity
of your life today.  Every moment,
every hour, every minute, every second, every second within a second is the
gift you share.  Your presence is
the gift.  You wish to understand
Self-Ascension?  It is the
consistent presence and recognition that doubt can not exist in a vessel that was
Divinely gifted to one with pure light and love.  YOU are a glorious being emanating at all times, not just
occasionally.  It is important to
understand this.  Every minute,
every second, every second within the second within the second, you are the precious
illumination of all that has ever been. 

* In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to
be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years
to 3200 BC. According to their traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star
which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year
elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius.

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  1. Hi Loved Ones!

    I picked up your book a month ago because it spoke strongly to my heart and spirit! I just finished reading your book and it was awesome! Thanks for speaking the unwritten words of my heart and my consciousness.

    I gave this book to my Father for Father’s Day and I also showed a couple of my friends and they are now reading your book. Thanks for showing up and being a light out there in the world.

    Blessings – Sharron

  2. The ways of the Light are laudable….the sec one starts to recognise the synchronicities…the numbers ggrow in leaps and bounds…
    chaancing upon this article itself was a synchronicity for me….
    praise be to the archangelic realm….
    may they guide and heal us for eternity.

    thank u, thank u, thank u…
    in deep gratitude, love and light,

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