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Soul Nourishment: Water - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Soul Nourishment: Water


Certified Self-Ascension Coach AR Ran Yah shares her experience of Soul Nourishment and water.

Soul Nourishment is about those things that make you feel complete, alive, and at one with the Universe, the Divine, and your Authentic Self.

Taking the time to nurture and nourish our souls is essential to our health, happiness, expansion and self-ascension. Not only is it essential that we find and utilize myriad ways to enhance our well-being by being kind and loving to ourselves each and every day, it fills our lives with peace, love and joy. Wouldn’t you want more of that for yourself and others?

When first hearing about Soul Nourishment, most people immediately think about food–what you eat and how you prepare it. To nourish is to feed and cause to grow; to provide food, matter and other substances that are necessary to sustain life; to sustain; to foster the development of, promote health, to furnish with nutriment; to cherish, to comfort; to educate/instruct; to promote the growth of attainments; to keep alive. Although, admittedly, food is an important element, Soul Nourishment is about so much more than that and comes in many forms.

So how do we nourish our Soul? Where do we find nourishment for our innermost being? Soul Nourishment shouldn’t be a chore, yet one more thing to squeeze into an already overcrowded day. Instead, Soul Nourishment a gift of Divine Love you give yourself as often and in as many ways as your heart and imagination can devise.

The Archangels often refer to the magical qualities of water. Water is a powerful, healing, cleansing and totally enjoyable source of Soul Nourishment, whether drinking, baths, showers, foot soaks, swimming, floating, washing your hair, or watching/walking/dancing in the rain.

Your morning cleansing routine can be transformed into a small but important ritual. Don’t race through it, do it mindfully, carefully, thoughtfully. You are preparing yourself for the day ahead, so think about how you want to face the day. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? What do you want to remember throughout the day? Set your intention and make it so.

Make bath time soul time–a time to recline and soak, dream and muse and ponder. Run the bath, add your favorite herbs or oils or unguents. Light candles. Prepare warm fluffy towels for when you emerge. Lock the door and demand peace. You might like to play your favorite music, or you might like to relish some peace and pure quiet. Now undress slowly, step in, sink down–and relax. Feel the water holding your body. Feel the tensions sinking out of your body and into the water where they simply melt away. Stay as long as you like, topping up the water to keep warm.

Swimming – feel the fluidity of your body connecting with the water and the meditative motion of each stroke connecting you with the Divine. Floating – relax, allow yourself to be suspended in and on the water’s surface, free yourself to become a part of the water and a part of our vast universe, and the infinite space beyond; knowing that you really matter.

Invite your soul to be nourished every day with the flow, the healing, and the cleansing of water!

2 responses to “Soul Nourishment: Water”

  1. Lovely essay — I’m wondering whether you’ve ever heard Daniel Nahmod’s CD “Water”? It’s extraordinary and profound — I’m sure you’d appreciate its energy.

  2. Yes yes, the magnificence, the fluidity, el agua!! To traverse a warm unpolluted pond on a moonlit eve, becoming ONE with the fluidity of the ALL-ness…..enough to pull any buoyant traveler out of the dense space/time of 3-D and be magically tossed into the pure crystaline oceans of Su’Laria 🙂 BLiSsinGs

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