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Embracing Christ Consciousness Expansion


by Sri and Kira

Part 1

December culminates 2013 and it has been a year that has seen many extraordinary events and energies play out on our beloved planet.  As we connect evermore with the fully open and spinning Merkabah of Self-Ascension, while fully igniting the Diamond Portal within, we discover that the energy of culmination is abundant and powerful!

This month the soul recipe of continued expansion brings forward the final product of our combined attention over the past year.  Adding to the December energy is the globally heightened state of awareness focused upon the presence and resurrection of Christ Consciousness.

This manifests in many ways and for some this is the celebration of a literal birth; the baby Jesus on December 25.  For others it is a reminder of the presence of Christ Consciousness and the depth of energy that it offers to those seeking to connect. And for others, there is a sense of polarization or invitation to simply dismiss the energy of the moment.

The above is a simplistic overview of the energy of the month we are experiencing and the season of energy we are embracing.  However, the greater question is:

Can you Ascend through the energy of the “Christmas” to embrace the fullness
of the Christ Consciousness within: the birthing of your child of
divine love and wisdom as the expansion of the understanding of Christmas?

On December 7 throughout many parts of Central America we swept our homes, cleaned our spaces, took at hard look at our past year and then…burned the devil…literally as you will see from the photos here!

This annual ceremony is a potent reminder that is rich with symbolism and expression!  As we burn our devils we clear and make space within our worldly experience for our expansion.  We send a signal to the universe that we are ready to grow and receive!  Opening to the authenticity of self-inquiry and self-expression provides fertile soil to grow and harvest our Self-Ascension!

click here for the December 7 video messages from Sri and Kira

Consider that as all of these energies are converging into a grand culmination month-end, you are birthing yourself once again as a child of Divine love!  You are birthing your Christ consciousness through your expression of the December energy and your joy-filled nature of the ceremony that is December 25!

There is great freedom when we allow ourselves to go beyond the accepted perceptions and see clearly the expanded wisdom of the moment at hand.  As you allow the effortless cleaning and clearing of all pain, it is the moment to begin going deeper as to how that will manifest on all levels; personally, globally, universally, and spiritually.

The momentum of December is rapidly building and this month is far from over!  As you begin to build your own momentum toward the birthing of your refreshed Christ consciousness, what is before you now and how do you harness the wisdom to go beyond the single vision of the moment and dive deeply into the expanded vision at hand?

Is it any wonder that the three wise men appeared at this birth?

Perhaps the wise men are the trinity of the unification within that call forth the pyramid of divine love and sustain the journey with the gifts.

Next week we will share more about the birthing of Christ Consciousness and the illumination of expanding beyond through this season.  This energy will be playing out on so many levels that the mind is best engaged in the joy-filled knowing that YOUR re-birth is at hand!

With great love and abundant blessings of the season of light!

Sri and Kira

Part 2
Season of Light

Last week we discussed the birthing of the Christ Consciousness as a both a literal and a symbolic journey.

The Christ story is indeed a journey of Spirit into form, yet the personalization of the story and whatever personal inspiration you derive from it, is truly an individual opportunity.

Can you sift the distortions away from the authentic opportunity?

Each of us must find a safe harbor in our density world for the emerging Light; we each find our way of protecting the emergence. Whether your “manger” is a church or a community, a place in nature or some other location, be conscious of your role for you are midwifing the Light.

And if you do so with consciousness, you will attract your wise witnesses. That is, there will be others who will acknowledge this beautiful emergence of Light into your individual expression of Life. The role of the wise men is to validate and honor that which has arrived. The three represent the strong structure of the pyramid, a wonderful foundation indeed, a balanced energy.

In many parts of the world, Christmas has become more about emotional satiation than spiritual awakening. In our opinion, the value of the Season of Light is to Awaken recognition of the Light that is within all Beings. The more we can see the Light, the easier it is to live as an enLightened Being!

As Archangel Zadkiel reminds us: “Keep your eyes on the Divine at all times”…”and have fun doing so”! A smile lifts our energy. May your holidays be fun!

We are in a new era and the Light is more available for recognition than ever before. We are collectively birthing.

This Holiday season, set your healthy spiritual boundaries. Separate yourself from what no longer serves you and instead cultivate your ‘manger’ to receive the authentic blessing of the Christ energy. Remember, Archangelic assistance is yours for the asking.

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira

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  1. Yes, dear Sri and Kira,
    we were burning our devils here in Cape cod{e}
    even had tabasco sauce the evening prior that
    was called “Sympathy for the Devil” !! (thought this odd)

    blessings to you in Guatemala, blue*star*kachina/daphne’

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