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Welcome to October - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Welcome to October


As you engage the energy of this sharing you are most likely already aware of the heightened presence that is expressing upon our planet. The energy of the summer months has propelled us ALL forward…like it or not. Collectively we are entering a time where we have the opportunity to accelerate our personal healing. The energy of October will present vast examples of contrast and contradiction. This chaos energy can stimulate fear or accelerate your freedom.

What will you choose?

The chaos of the energy of this time can help stimulate greater clarity about what is true and authentic. It can assist you to discover where you are afraid or where you may be hiding or carrying resistance. Chaos is the energy of reorganization and chaos is always present. It is especially noticeable at times of great creation and change.

October presents a rare and beautiful opportunity to heal and create a higher order of balance. This “Higher Order” means that you are claiming a stability that is more refined and by far more authentic. And remember! “Higher Order” stability is one that is not dependant upon the actions of others.

Our world is in transition. The old structures of density consciousness are challenged, as those creations are now incompatible with the energy of this expansionary moment.

Those who embrace density consciousness are in for an ever-greater ‘wild ride’ as the expressions of polarization and fundamentalism come forward more freely. The undercurrent of chaos in addition to the availability of higher frequency ascension energies stimulates fear in the minds of those who are holding on tightly to outdated beliefs and worldly attachments.

The reorganization is upon us; are you trying to control it or flow with it?

The outer world is now, and will continue to, demonstrate visible consolidations of orientations that help those in fear find a sense of belonging! This is a powerful discernment as we navigate the October energy. It is this sense of belonging that offers the emotional body perceived safety when one is deeply aligned with density consciousness.

These consolidations within density consciousness will continue to empower further exclusions, confrontations, and pain. And while the various factions of the polarization seek confirmation and safety, the irony is that traditional “us” versus “them” activism often jeopardizes physical and emotional safety.

It is wise to remember that activism arising solely from density consciousness carries fear, anger and judgment and is not inclusive of anything seen as contrary to a “belief”.

Beloved One! It is the moment to honestly as yourself:
Am I committed to my spiritual journey?
Am I committed to cultivating a deeper inner peace as I remember and reclaim my Divine Mastery?

To call forward awareness of the ascension frequencies that are stimulating upliftment and expansion of consciousness requires that you make a choice.

Are you ready to re-affirm your commitment to a conscious spiritual journey? If so, then the final three months of 2017 will be rich with opportunity.

Freedom OR Chaos is the central energetic theme for the weeks ahead. The energy of October will therefore create vast opportunities to grow in your spiritual discernment. Through this arising spiritual discernment, we are able to quickly heal out dated beliefs and habits. Through clarity and discernment, we make choices that are in greater harmony with our authentic self.

Imagine that; through chaos we can claim harmony!

Allow yourself to take a deep breath and notice where the air goes inside your body. Notice that the air that enters your lungs is also supporting the expansion of your heart center. Now, relax and increase this opportunity to center in your heart by placing a hand on the center of your chest. As you breathe in deeply with your hand on your heart you will tangibly feel the calming influence that is yours to receive.

This is the key to navigating the chaos of the coming weeks of October: The blessing of Divine respiration as Conscious Breath!

Through the gift of Avesa Quantum Healing every being on the planet has available the opportunity to heal through the constrictions of density. The Ave-Sa Breath is a loving and profound gateway to dissolve the constrictions that seek to bind us to the 3rd dimensional reality.

It is as simple as understanding the truth of the ‘Ave’ (to hail or consciously honor the Divine) and the ‘SA’ (to surrender to the Divine Flow). With every in-breath notice your heart beat as you consciously shift that pulse into the exquisiteness of the “Ave” as representing respect for the Divine gift of life. On the exhale allow the gentle sound of “Sa” to express as you release the need to control the density and relax into trusting the Divine supporting your life.

Freedom flows effortlessly into our lives when you claim clarity!

Freedom is true power and this power is present when you decide to claim it. This precious gift cannot be given to you by another; it is claimed through your release of self-doubt and the embodiment of self-trust. It is with awakened hearts that we lift and recognize that through the chaos we are being given the opportunity to gain in clarity and discernment. Through the chaos we can heal our attachments and learn how to float FREE from the Velcro of the Planetary Thought Body.

Yes, we are healing our fears through consciousness, commitment, and trust. And October offers us all a rare and beautiful moment to claim this gift into our lives.

As we celebrate YOU we invite you one more to bring your Hand to your heart as you breathe fully: AVE-SA. The gift of conscious breath will center you into the energetic powerhouse that is October and establish a firm foundation from which you can navigate the rest of the 2017 experience. It is your moment to be free from constriction. With each breath you will notice positive shifts in your life.

EVERYTHING is ready to be healed! And so we ask: How are YOU?

With Many Blessings and support for your journey,

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