Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

Weekly Practices for January 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Weekly Practices for January 2011


Weekly practices for January can be found in 2012: You Have A Choice!
and Sacred Union, The Journey Home.

January 1 – January 7: The Miracle Manifestation Technique

1. Hold out your hands, (palms facing you).

2. Focus the energy from your third eye upon your palms.

3. Breath in deeply and declare: “There are miracles in these hands.”

4. Rub your hands together briskly while closing your eyes.

5. Breath deeply and fully. Create a circle with your breath by fully
inhaling through the nose, bringing the air up into the crown,
circulate it down deep into the solar plexus and then out the mouth
as you begin the next breath.

6. Call forth your intent to create a miracle. Align your intent with the
Divine. Be clear. Feel the energy build in your hands.

7. Open your eyes, and quickly pull your hands apart. Send the miracle
to the intended recipient via the energy in your palms. (You can also
send the energy to the world or place in on your own heart).

January 8 – January 15: The Living Ankh Practice

This practice is done in two steps. It is important that you first run
energy up your feet and out the top of your head and then out through your
hands. Begin by standing. Visualize a white ray of light coming into your
left foot and up the left leg and visualize golden ray of light coming in your
right foot and up the right leg. These rays meet at the base of your spine
where they intertwine at each of the traditional chakras. The intertwining
will give you the visual effect of a figure-eight at each chakra. Send this
blended energy stream all the way up and out the crown.

After you have established this energy flow from the feet up, then
call in an emerald beam from the universe right into your heart chakra.
Extend your arms to each side and send the energy out through each palm

See this green energy blend with the golden/white spiral and then
ask it to flow out your palms. Extend your hands outward and call in ever-
greater flow as you are able.


January 16 – January 23: Aura Stretching

Sit comfortably and begin by breathing deeply. Allow your eyes
to close gently as you center your attention on your aura. Take a few
moments to experience the boundary of your energy field.

Familiar now with the outer edge of your aura, send energy to stretch
your aura out as far as you can so that it can connect with the divine
energy of the universe. Simply stretch your aura out in front, in back,
below and above you. Send it in all directions. Release any pre-conceived
judgments about time and space and relax into the stretching.

At some point you will notice a tingle or a sense of vitality, allow the
energy cosmos to re-energize your aura. Take a moment to experience this
state of oneness. When you are ready, allow your newly re-energized aura
to return to its normal state, near your body. Continue deep breathing,
slowly open your eyes, and enjoy!

January 24 – January 31: Flap and Clap: an Energy Expansion exercise from the
Galactic Yogic Teaching

1. Stand as straight as possible with the feet slightly apart and the
arms resting at your side.

2. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Upon the exhale,
open up a golden pyramid at the base of the spine and allow it to
release infinity symbols up the spine.

3. Send the infinity symbols up into the center of the Exploded
Crown Chakra, (approximately 6 inches above the head).

4. Keep breathing and visualize your wings behind you. Allow them
to fully form. Focus upon the shape, color and size.

5. Continue until wings are well defined.

6. Open the eyes and relax the wrists by shaking them a few times.

7. Slowly begin to raise the arms with the wrists very relaxed. Bring
the arms all the way up to the top of your wings, and allow the
hands to initiate the downward motion once you have reached the

8. Repeat this at least three times.

9. When you are half-way down during the third time, bring the
hands to the front of the heart center in prayer position. (Hands
together, fingers pointed up).

10. Take in a deep breath and upon the exhale, begin clapping.

11. Continue clapping, breathing, and yes, even smiling until you feel
the energy completion.

It is optimal to repeat this process at least twice a day, and
anytime you need to shift the energy you are experiencing. There is
no limit on how many times a day you can do this process!

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