The Six Steps for Navigating the Spiral of Multi-dimensional Presenc


The Divine Directors

through Master Lady Kira Raa

Welcome to all who are ready to REMEMBER and CLAIM! For those are the ones who are calling forward the restoration of balance through the divine nature of their ascended presence. This moment is one that is expansive in nature and dynamic as a co-creative essence. This essence is yours to restore within, as you re-member the energy of that which “you are”, and that which “you are co-creating” are as distinctive as they are ONE.

The spirals of the multi-dimensional witness experience are now literally mirroring the upliftment. The fifth dimension of compassion, as the gateway to the realms of ascended presence, has called forward the brilliant ignition of divine illumination. (…Click Here to read more)

2 responses to “The Six Steps for Navigating the Spiral of Multi-dimensional Presenc”

  1. I am.very interested in hearing more about the comet and our ascension.
    I have been meditating and working towards remembering why I came here. My 6th chakra has been open on and off.
    I want to know more!

    • Namaste and Welcome! We invite you to read the “Living in the 5th Dimension” series, found under “Messages from the Masters”.

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