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The Quantum Leap: Claiming Our Truth! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Quantum Leap: Claiming Our Truth!


By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

Over seventy years ago Gandhi stated:
“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” Our world has arrived at its moment of truth. That critical point of reckoning that clearly demonstrates that structures based upon models of antiquity are releasing and new paradigms are coming forward. This brings forward a challenge to those of us who are navigating the planet during this time. Are we ready to fully embrace our truth? Now take a breath, for to anchor in the truth that is now before us is to fully recognize the higher order of all prophecy. As we race toward 2012 the abundance of prophecy that is being circulated and speculated upon is literally dizzying! If one engages this information at the level of information only, the common response is lack of clarity, fear and distortion.

What if the higher order of prophecy is to bring us back to the awareness that we are profound co-creative masters, capable of bringing forth ANY OUTCOME without surrendering to the interpretations of others? In a time of truth, this would manifest as the ability go beyond the paradigms that have held prophecies in place as we bring forth the celebration that we have indeed grown into our spiritual maturity!

There are many energies that are bringing forward the energy of truth without the energy of judgment wrapped around it AND there are many energies that are indeed stimulating both judgment and fear. How we navigate these energies directly contributes to the manifestation we are now experiencing on our planet.

Let’s look at the examples that are recently before us. The United States just went through a world record lengthy election process and is now settling in to experience the outcome of this process. For close to two years the energy of change, frustration and fear have been bombarding the public in the attempt to influence those who seek power. Regardless of where your vote or non-vote was cast, the energy of fear swelled to an all time high as a means to stimulate action on many levels.

When we empower fear-based activism through our focus and our dollars, we subsequently empower the very energy we are trying to release. This is an extraordinarily effective way to actually keep us from energizing our true freedom; the birthright of us all. Judgment fuels activism, the core energy of my way is right, therefore your way is wrong. Even when the apparent cause is seen as being righteous, there is the core energy of polarization. The good news is that for many, it is through this process they fully awaken.

As we embrace and grow into our spiritual maturity we easily put aside the judgments that fuel anger and polarization and smile that ALL of these energies have lovingly brought us to this momentous time on our planet. This is a great part of the truth claiming process. The full presence that all of our experiences, prophecies, judgments and interactions are and were the gift that brought us to this moment of expansion.

We have been honored to share many moments in Guatemala throughout 2007, 2008, and 2009 with High Priests of the Maya. Sharing sacred energies and insights, one of the most powerful discernments that we have witnessed consistently is that the Mayans are confident and prepared for an imminent shift into the age of light. They smile that so many are interpreting their calendar with fear and judgment, AND they recognize that perhaps that energy is what is necessary by those who seek to awaken.

In truth, reunification of the Eagle and the Condor re-creates the bridge of light anchored by the heart and sustained by releasing all doubt of ourself, all doubt of our world, and all doubt of our universe. As we fully enter this age of light we transcend the old paradigms and literally become this unified energy. We joyously discover that words are no longer necessary as our mere presence frees others to release their doubts and do the same.
It is as we embrace all paths and burst forth from the chaos we open the doorway to unified presence. We have discovered that gathering mystical revelations directly and at the request of the Mayan High Priests in the highlands of Guatemala, in synergy with the Archangelic realm and harmony with Divine Universal Wisdom, we unlock the keys to navigating these times.

The secret? To be free to live our truth!

This truth comes forward by freeing our minds, anchoring our hearts, and living authentically without doubt or fear for our future. Through the extraordinary events that are consistently unveiling themselves all around us it is as if our very universe is inviting us to experience Anchored Presence and re-member why we are on this planet at this very moment in history…without doubt.

It is the time to stop talking and start BEING…2012 is already here! We encourage you to stop talking about our future, to resist engaging in pessimistic options and to allow yourself the gift of fully anchoring this presence for yourself and our word.

With each breath may you know that the moment of your true freedom is here! With each moment may you embrace your truth with spaciousness and joy. With each heartbeat may you know that you are a Divine Co-creator and that your presence matters!

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