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Miracle Team Message – September 12, 2011

From the Benevolent Ones


Universal World

This Miracle Message is from
the Benevolent Ones

Angels of light we hail to thee and sing to thee the song of songs.

Surrounded by your loving presence, the world unites and discovers its soul-song

To offer an energy that is gifted with unification is a journey that is filled
with discovery.

So many energies are present on your world now, and yet the illusion of "a
world" is diminishing in the dawn of the Universal world.

For one who is captive in density, there seems to be so many choices, energies,
actions, options and challenges.

Yet, to the one who is free from the density and offering the energy of loving
presence, all of these distractive energies release themselves.

Through this release the unification begins.

Release does not mean to let go of your life experience and the navigation of
the energy of this world.

Indeed, it does mean to harness the freedom of your soul-song as a divine gift
that can be offered into the Universal world.

And so it begins…again…with great power and energy.

The awakening to the freedom of presence while still in form,
The dance of the beloved that is not distracted by the energy of confusion,
And the embrace of the lover that is singing the gift of a soul-song in a world
that is unifying.

We celebrate you…

And so it is.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

As I reflect upon myself as part of a Universal World, what I notice is…….

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