Miracle Team Message – June 27, 2011


This week’s Miracle team Message is from the Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan:

Kindness is an act of service.

The recognition of a direct beam of pure light placed into motion to join with
other beams of light.

Kindness cannot be defined by the words of density; for its essence expresses
in many ways.

An act of kindness expressed through a master to assist a student to grow may
be experienced in many ways.

An act of kindness that extends a helping hand to one who is ready to be lifted
is experienced in yet another way.

An act of kindness that sets free the emotional form of expression to embrace
a greater sense of being-ness finds yet another way to experience kindness.

Kindness is an act of service.

Your life is an act of kindness, therefore your journey isone of divine service.

Discover the kindness within your life. Notice the kindness that has been expressed
toward you and through you.

Gaze deeply at those who you may have perceived to have hurt you, and see the
kindness of their service.

Gaze lovingly at those who you perceive love you, and see the kindness of their

Gaze universally at the soul that is you and smile at the kindness of your

Smile and breathe with kindness.

For all is unfolding and the gifts are magnifying through your kindness.

And so it is.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

Kindness expresses through me in the following ways…..

This week, Sri and Kira also offer the following enhancement for your experience:

Keep responding to this several times even if you “feel” your responses are getting off track. Then, go back and notice the many ways of kindness that are your unique service.

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