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Marijuana Legalization: Opening Our Minds to New Opportunities? - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Marijuana Legalization: Opening Our Minds to New Opportunities?

It's inescapable!
Medical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle

No matter where you live, the United States’ issues regarding the legalization of marijuana have most likely entered into your consciousness. It’s inescapable! The struggles people are facing in their attempt to get their hands on what nature so abundantly provides, has been in the news for months.

However, while “will they or won’t they” situations are cute in sitcoms, it’s far more stressful when it comes to “will they or won’t they” legalize a legitimate healing property to the masses.

Marijuana’s History and Our Changing Consciousness

The history of marijuana, like all of history, is long and complex. Both ordinary citizens and those in positions of power have flip-flopped on their stances throughout the years. Up until the early 1900’s, cannabis was overwhelmingly seen as good — almost magical. But, once the government got involved in 1906 (requiring marijuana to be labeled as a “drug”), things started to get tricky; and confusion and apprehension started to take hold.

In 1936 the movie Reefer Madness came out, warning parents to steer their children away from the cannabis plant. It was paranoia propaganda at its finest, but its message — no matter how outlandishly presented — seeped into our consciousness. Marijuana was suddenly “bad.” No one wanted anything to do with it.

That is, until the 1960s.  In the 60’s we put flowers in the end of the guns when they were pointed at us. We saw the greater community as having peace-filled potential. The Baby Boomers decided to give marijuana another chance — and we liked what we found. It wasn’t just about “getting high,” it was about awakening a deeper consciousness, using the gifts given to us by the earth itself.

Then, the “Children of the 60’s” became yuppies and many forgot these gifts. And thus began other “flop” in the flip-flopping of opinion.

However, as science continually improves, the benefits of marijuana can no longer be denied. And, as our methods of communication continue to improve along the same lines, these benefits can no longer be ignored. As a global community, we’re now more aware of marijuana’s effects than we’ve ever been in the past.

The Scientifically-Documented Benefits of Marijuana

Several people who were formerly, and quite vocally, opposed to marijuana have now changed their minds upon being confronted with scientific evidence. One of the most notable opposed-turned-advocate is Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent.

Dr. Gupta has come out with two documentaries — Weed and Weed 2: Cannabis Madness — following his research into the true properties of marijuana. Last month, Dr. Gupta stated:

“This scientific journey is about a growing number of patients who want the cannabis plant as a genuine medicine, not to get high.

It is about emerging science that not only shows and proves what marijuana can do for the body but provides better insights into the mechanisms of marijuana in the brain, helping us better understand a plant whose benefits have been documented for thousands of years. This journey is also about a Draconian system where politics override science and patients are caught in the middle.

That last sentence is particularly intriguing; however, we’ll continue focusing on the science for the moment. Some of the many scientifically-documented benefits of marijuana include:

  • Pain relief. From Arthritis pain to Lupus to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), people have reported feeling less pain and pain-like symptoms.
  • Improved mental health. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s patients have consistently reported improved mental facilities when treated with marijuana.
  • Fewer seizures and less trembling. Those with epilepsy and Dravet Syndrome have shown a significant decrease in seizures. Similarly, those with Parkinson’s have reported fewer trembles.
  • It prevents blindness. Marijuana has been shown to slow the progression of glaucoma and, in some cases, prevents or reverses the symptoms entirely.
  • It helps other treatments to work better. The treatments for Hepatitis C and Cancer patients are incredibly harsh. Side-effects such as fatigue and nausea often become so intense that those who need help often give up on getting it because it becomes “not worth it.” However, marijuana can be used to essentially null those side-effects to nearly zero.

And these are just the benefits that we know “for sure!” New research and new facts continue to emerge all the time. For example, a recent study has come forth with significant evidence that cannabis can be used to slow the progression of Cancer — and possibly cure it entirely!

The Opposition and the Opportunity for Awakening

When we know that there’s an all-natural, highly-beneficial, abundantly-available healing property available to us… It can be all the more discouraging to be faced with such adamant, socially-powerful, opposition. For every story of a Dr. Sanjay Gupta or a former supreme court justice(!) John Paul Stevens coming out in favor of legalization, there are a slew of stories on those against it.

Myths of “marijuana tourism” have been tossed around, as well as rumors of links with Colombian drug cartels. The Department of Justice’s federal law enforcers have raided over a dozen marijuana dispensaries in the last week alone, shutting down four.

But, in this time of continued opposition, a new opportunity for spiritual awakening has arisen.

As we, as an interconnected consciousness, become more focused and more aware of what’s going on we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking. We’ve begun, as a unit, to recognize that there is more bounty on the planet than we have ever been allowed to fully enjoy.

We are awakening to the way we’ve been controlled. Through these recent discoveries — both those of a scientific nature and that of the government’s true intentions — the gift of personal awakening has opened for those who chose to see it.

Beloved Ones, whether you choose to indulge in the healing properties of cannabis or not, we encourage you to be aware of what is around you; and to invite others to discover the deeper gifts brought forth during these times of perceived insanity.

Want More? Join Us LIVE!

We will be continuing our discussion on marijuana — featuring a special guest: a Californian grower & supplier! — LIVE this Sunday (5/4/14) at 12:00pm Pacific Time, USA.

Tune in to hear:

  • An exclusive inside peek at what it’s like to be a marijuana grower & supplier living in the US. Our special guest — whose identity will be kept anonymous for his own safety! — will discuss the disparity and risks he faces on a daily basis.
  • How and why Big Pharma, the AMA, and federal government are so adamantly opposed to marijuana legalization, and what it would mean if they got their way.
  • More on the benefits of marijuana and cannabis — including the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannibanoids.
  • More on the changing perceptions of marijuana throughout recent history.
  • How Baby Boomers/former Flower Children can get back in touch with their roots. Also: How they can team-up with and “mentor” Millennials to create real social change. (We did it once and we can do it again!).
  • The greater impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado, including the refugee situation it’s created among those seeking medical help.
  • The costs of the current prohibition and the options being considered as alternatives.
  • How all of this has come to influence the planet’s spiritual awakening as a whole — and how you can reap the benefits of our connected consciousness!

This is going to be an amazing episode with a truly unique, extremely knowledgeable, guest expert. Whether you’re in favor of legalization or opposed, we encourage you to join the conversation!

LIVE Sunday, May 4th, at Noon Pacific Time, USA





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