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Crazy or Sane? Five Steps for Instant Clarity! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Crazy or Sane? Five Steps for Instant Clarity!

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As the energy of our beloved planet continues to harness her strength through expression, our beloved bodies often are the first to notice this constant expansion of energy. This moment is proving how powerful this year is, and will continue to be, as we each call forward the stabilizing gifts of Shanti, Bhakti and Ananda!

Relax and remember that it is only natural that ALL of the bodies are reacting in the presence of vast shifts that include a call to acclimate to living in multi-dimensional experiences. Everyone is navigating something “new” yet “familiar”…ancient yet happening now. You are not crazy for sensing or feeling this way, most likely you are igniting yet another layer of openness that is calling you to wake up…even more.

This includes your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Have mercy on yourself as you adjust to the powerful shift that is already upon us all and is gaining momentum. As you relax evermore and call forward loving compassion as your guide, in this moment fully embrace and ascended that beloved sly pirate that is ever lurking around… known simply as the Ego!

(The “pirate ego” is explained by Archangel Zadkiel in our book Sacred Union: The Journey Home .)

This universal aspect of consciousness has grown without boundary over the millennia creating cultures and societies that are defined by their “me-focus”. Deep within the wellspring of most earth-bound experiences, the “ego-trap” is often discovered. This is he first “step” on the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening, Density Consciousness. ( see next page.)

It is Density Consciousness that we are all born into the great playground of creation. It is here that everyone begins the journey. And, through navigating the three waves of energy,(that exist in all of the steps), the recognition of growing beyond a “me” focus emerges and the greater mysteries are sought out and explored. Many spiritual traditions offer practices to assist the explorer to dismantle the ego’s grip. And…

Once this journey begins, the first a-ha moment arises: The ability to witness the difference between Egoic Reality and Soul Consciousness.

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