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Humanity's Reboot Moment - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Humanity’s Reboot Moment

Navigate with grace and Ease!


The Choice is Yours!
Density Sanity or Ascended Sanity?

In this video, Sri and Kira share about the energetic shifts that are well and truly upon us, whether we choose to acknowledge them or not! They provide clear explanations of what many are experiencing physically and in other areas of their lives as well as the keys to walking through with grace and ease.

Invaluable information for all!

After enjoying the full 20 minute video or audio of this introduction, be sure to gift yourself with the complete recording of the first Archangelic Message of 2012, delivered by the Crystalline Beings of Divine Light. 

AUDIO only:


First Archangelic Message of 2012
"Conscious, Awakened, Form Experience"
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2 responses to “Humanity’s Reboot Moment”

  1. Thank you for the Humanitys Reboot Moment message/video. I always feel realigned during and after your messages. Thank you Sri & Kira!

    Also, just had to say I thought I was hearing crickets, birds and a frog in the background of the message. Wonderful!!

    Thank you again 🙂

  2. I have to say that I love, love love this photo of Sri and Kira!! I feel like they are standing at the door of peace, love and joy and waiting for all those who choose to enter. Here I come.

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