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12:12 - Awakening The Collective Dream - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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12:12 – Awakening The Collective Dream



Awakening the Collective Dream

By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

Ask yourself, in this very moment; Are you ready to fully awaken from the dream?

Regardless of your answer and ready or not, you are waking up! The journey of many millennia has expanded into infinite expressions, and you are on the ride. Regardless of what you may believe in this moment, you wanted to be on this ride we call life. It is why you are on this specific planet at this exact moment in history.

How can we properly prepare for what we cannot possibly imagine?

Whether or not you believe that humanity has a date with destiny in 2012, one thing is beyond dispute: The continuing escalation of geological and geopolitical threats could culminate in a ‘perfect storm’ that radically alters life as we know it in no time at all.

Staying calm and balanced in the midst of rapid and chaotic changes is an important skill. To fully claim this skill requires that we reawaken our Quantum Mastery in full alignment with the cosmic energies aligned with 12:12 of this very year, 2009.

This Quantum Mastery is a quality of consciousness one needs to cultivate to maintain grace in the face of profound and unexpected pressures of today’s world. This does require some practice for we must interrupt the state of consciousness that reacts to the storms around us and midwife ourselves into a “higher” expression of being.

Far from any doom-and-gloom prophecy, we see the tumultuous times ahead as providing an energetic impetus and unprecedented opportunity for Self-Ascension – on both an individual and global scale. The storms of life are here to help us find the oneness and dissolve the instability.

With each return visit deep into the highlands of Guatemala, along with our truly honored experiences the High Priests of the Mayans, we note that they are celebrating their calendar is coming to an end. This perceived “end” signals the time of unity and resurrection! Allowing that celebration to fully anchor into your heart-space there is only one authentic conclusion: We are at the time of true Co-Creation: Are you ready to claim your Quantum Mastery?

As we rapidly approach the quantum leap of 2012, the time to prepare oneself for an enhanced experience is now. We are at the time of great choice; the time to fully re-member and embrace our soul energy without doubt. This is one of the gifts available for you to fully empower as we step into the collective awakening of 12:12.

With this amazing power at our disposal, how do we harness this creative giant? Is it even possible to truly shift the balance of negativity that is doing its best to control our planet? The bottom line is that we are currently living in a society that is addicted to fear and violence.

Shocking? Perhaps to some, yet for many, this truth is the positive catalyst of shift! The gift of this shift is that it offers the opportunity to break through into a balanced essence of being. To literally lift oneself up, which collectively lifts all, while offering the energetic recognition of our core essence and limitless understanding.

This is the optimum moment to fully listen to your heart, without reservation, and to align ever-more with the truth of your being; the Joy of Authentic Presence.

Each core essence (soul), is feeling the energetic shift that is happening globally. There are many energies coming into play now, and fear is one of those energies. There are many who are moving into greater intensity. Many are aligned with their core essence for the first time; and this is a great celebration!

Your core essence offers you the ability to feel things you have not ever felt before. You will touch things you have not ever touched before. How you break free and navigate these core feelings will be influenced by your reactionary system, which is habitual.

To navigate these energies you must release the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain. This ancient habit is affecting all beings on this planet and many will also notice shifts in their pets or other animals.

Ask yourself; “What do I value most?” Pay careful and honest attention to what comes up first. You may be shocked. We encourage you to write your response on a piece of paper and keep writing until you find your core resonate truth. Bring this resonate truth to the top of your mind, and everything will become effortless. From there you can navigate the present energies with ease and abundant joy.

Remember you cannot navigate these energies for others! We must each navigate our own way. As you navigate your own way clearly, you will attract to yourself others who are navigating the same waters, thereby creating a safe environment to grow and stabilize in a new, healthier habit. Remember, it is not difficult, it simply requires consistent presence and commitment. You can do it!

How and where is your future to go?

The real question is: Where do you want it to go?

On 12:12, (and before), give yourself the gift of getting very clear. Wake up to your sacred mission and know peace. What would you need to shift in your current consciousness to integrate this powerful message from your core essence? How would your life change if you truly embraced the positive co-creative energies now available on the planet?

What if you could allow yourself the freedom to see the gift in everything
around you, as it is, right now?

On December 12, (12:12), gift yourself by sharing time with like-minded, positive oriented community. Teach your children that the harmony of peace energy is a true gift. Why not offer yourself “full immersion” into the gift of balance by allowing yourself a day that will free your soul’s mastery and open the portal to the Quantum field. After all, you are worth it and our world is inviting you to come forward…now.

3 responses to “12:12 – Awakening The Collective Dream”

  1. Thank you for putting your writings online. The magazine has so many gems in it. The writings bring me back into balance and awareness. The energy of love and hope radiating from the words lift and open my heart. The pictures are beautiful. After reading and seeing the pictures, I often go to a new canvas and let those energies flow and intermingle with the colors my hands dance with. In gratitude and Blessings Barbara

  2. I work at an elementary school. As the school was observing Veterans’ Day, I was stuck with the realization of how many pages of our history books are dedicated to celebrating war and conquests. I’ve started picturing the history books I would love for children to read. Books that celebrate all the people who have found ways around conflict throughout the years. For example, William Penn is just mentioned briefly in my son’s textbook. Penn managed to start a colony while respecting the natives. The other colonies had conflicts with the native, Pennsylvania had peace.

  3. In raising consciousness, let’s be sure to honor the divine feminine in the form of women’s accomplishments, both past and present. To go along with what Elizabeth said, above: Years ago I worked at a textbook publishing company as an editorial associate. We were putting out the first book for junior high school kids about computers (I did say this was YEARS ago!). The whole book was about how men invented everything to do with computers. I received a tip from a feminist that it was a WOMAN who actually wrote the first computer program that worked. I told the Senior Editor about it, and he said if I did the research on my own time, I could slip it into the book. And that’s what I did! Who was this woman? Her name was Lady Augusta Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron. It’s an amazing story and I was proud to share it, knowing that many young girls would be benefitted. It was well worth the time it took to do the research. One never knows when something like that will come into your life, and you can choose to make a difference.

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