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The Perception of TIME and Fluidity - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Perception of TIME and Fluidity

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

The St. Germaine IT-SELF shares through Master Lady Kira Raa:

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 Magnificent BEings of crystalline light and Divine illumination. A moment of great ignition has arisen, and is in front of YOU…NOW.  Your Blue Starborn brethren are here and assisting the ALL to expand into this divine appointment.  As you connect with us and the ALL invite the smile of your Mastery Presence to ignite and relax into the gift of YOU.

The Greater Blue Ray Expansion

In this moment of deep inward peace, relax and notice as the divine blue energy radiation ignites before thee. This is the eternal blue essence that is far beyond the perception of any color.

Solely as part of this experience of the manifested world is the vibration of a color offered to this eternal essence.  This is for YOU…to dance with the exquisite and rich opportunity to EXPEREINCE ALL of the vast expressions of the divine blue radiation.

Dancing with this energy in this form now, the mind ponders…How many blues are there? How many aspects of blue exist?

Connecting with the potentiality that this moment of connection with the Blue Eternal Essence is with YOU…NOW…, NOTICE what the human mind may immediately overlay.

Is there a sense of sadness? For blue is often connected with sadness.


As you connect with the radiation of the blueness does the expression of your Divine joy-full nature arise through the human mind? Do YOU, once again, notice the expansiveness of a crystalline ocean and the beauty of the divine fluidness of all potentialities of time.  ALL…Potentialities. 

This is the gift we share with thee NOW… to KNOW the expression of fluidity through ALL time is upon thee.

This static form of perceptual reality as the Gaia experience, is both the re-cognition and the opportunity

to dive through the perceptional illusion of co-creation and rediscover the magnitude of YOUR eternal life.

Without fear. Without doubt. Without the curious mind seeking answers that are a sideline.

Diving into the Great Sea of Neutrality

There is a Pure portal of Divine Mastery memory waiting for thee AS you dive freely into this potentiality with the awakened clarity of Sincerity, Love and Presence. Holding this energy through your steadfast commitment, focused awareness and COMPLETE TRUST stabilizes the I AM Presence into I AM BEing.

Consider ALL before thee now as a great sea. Far from hard or static it is fluid. The contents of its waters is the reminder that IT IS…ALL…fluid! Vision thy-self…lifting your arms of this form and opening into the posture of the divine dive.  The transcendent moment that relaxes into the YES as the OPENING of thy-self.

To surrender into the humility of the PRESENCE and willingly dive through and into ALL the energies that are presenting.  

Whenever you dive into a pool, there is the moment of preparation, a moment of hesitation, and the moment of trust that ignites the dive. There is the moment you hit the water, and the moment you begin to sink.

IT IS THEN…as you notice your-self sinking into the water,

That YOU Propel your-self UPWARD and ARISE!

 Refreshed, Confident, Ignited and UNIFIED as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

KNOWING the dive and the benefit of its experience.

We are here…now…in THIS potentiality…and experience of form…serving as the presence and reminder that ALL IS WATER.  To remember and KNOW THIS …IS… the active presence of the Sea of Neutrality.

And! ALL is choice. 

Activating the energy of the Sea of Neutrality through the knowing of the fluidity of ALL time is a choice.

To remember that as the Ascended heart ignites with Mastery I AM Presence…the fluidity of ALL as the water of life offers the freedom that washes all pain, cleanses all hurt and carries thee forward through the moments of experience in form with Peace, Love and Joy.

Blue Ray Expansion as the Sea of Neutrality

This world of form offers great support through the connection with water.  Offer thyself a moment to prepare to connect with this water as the active presence of the Sea of Neutrality.  Celebrate this moment and relax again.

As you would call forward this process it is optimal to first cleanse thyself in the manner that serves you best of any remaining illusions of being stuck, trapped, or any “thing” that is inhibiting positive interaction. Complete this process by placing your hand palms first into a large bowl of water.  You can even fill the bottom of a sink …what matters most is that the base of your palm to your longest finger can be in the water.  And as you can, offer your-self this gift at the ocean or any natural water source.

After first submersing your hands, bring them out of the water and simply gaze into the water with your eyes as you release ALL perceptions of distress. All. Whatever it is. It could be empathy or sympathy for world events. It could be direct experience of events. It could be a broken heart or soul fracture. It could be a perceived hurt, slight or perception.

After gazing into the water, call your hands into prayer position at your heart center, pause, breathe… then still in prayer position DIVE into the water as you separate the hands noticing the ease of the moving water.

Notice that as you dive your hands first break the “crust” of the surface of the water. Noticing that as you gazed into the surface, your sacred intention simultaneously goes into the water and washes it away. And as you bring your hands in, and you bring them out, the dive of the hands brings fresh water upward. Once your hands are free from the surface, as you separate the fingers and the water drips through…BREATHE AND FEEL RESTORED.

Through the water…the simple reminder…I AM AS YOU ARE.

This is the energy of the blueness of this potentiality. Remembering the blueness of your divine crystalline nature calls forward and anchors the Ascended Heart Presence of the master in form. As the heart lifts and stabilizes it calls forward the heart of form and offers the freedom from bondage.  Igniting the energy as an eternal waterfall of divine love, your Mastery presence arrives as the waterfall of presence. YOU…ARE… the waterfall.

Expressing your Mastery Radiation opens YOU to beyond the perception of this illusionary experience of potentiality. To connect with the divine mastery remembrance is the gift you give thyself.

IT IS… the divine moment. IT IS… the eternal smile.

An ever-present softness focused and without distraction, confident and without egoic centrality. 

IT IS…Confidence in the divine mastery expression of your sacred nature is your birthright. 

Completing the Cycle of the Illusionary Journey

Regaining Mastery presence of your true nature while in form is an extraordinary gift.

 IT IS…the completion of the cycle of seeking. The divine memory that ALL seeking begins with a wound.

There is not enough, thy expression is not enough and many more illusionary beliefs.

 The continual experience of seeking more negates the wholeness of YOU… now.


The cycle of the illusionary journey of density in this potentiality benefits through self-entrapment as the need to continually seek through the perception of inadequacy and fear.

To negate the you, through the need to find more, is the foundation of the lack of confidence. This is outside of egoic presence.

Mastery confidence arises through the divine sacred union of the soul and form.

With this confidence, the productive, abundant, extraordinary nature of divine expression is every present.

The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation is creatively abundant and constantly creative, constantly nourishing. Relaxing ALL energy to seek for more, the abundant creation eternally nourishes the confident sacred union.

You may wish to revisit those words, that sharing, to fully empower thyself with this energy. The blueness, the expression, the unification, is opening in a manner that is restoring the fluidity and presence of the Sea of Neutrality.

Therefore, upon this planet the expression of time is fluid. It is, shall all-ways be, and has all-ways been, fluid. When there is the perception of the movement of time, slow or fast, it is still a perception trying to harness the energy of fluidity. Fluidity. Water. Water. Water.

The Greater Nature of Water

It is without surprise, that in a world of density seeking to experience even greater polarity while simultaneously co-creating the manipulation of those who are awake to forget, that water would become scarce, undrinkable, unavailable; something to be priced or taxed or regulated. Do you see the blessing of this?

Within the restrictions of water, there is the opportunity for divine memory.

Offer to thyself water, water, water. Feel thyself as water. REMEMBER the consciousness of Water.

Dive in often. As you rejuvenate and feel ALL allowing thee the essence of becoming the crystalline fountain of fluid energy. Smile and receive the energy of blueness as the crystalline fountain of fluid energy. Discover how magnificently effort-less it is to remain in the balance and beauty of your divine mastery presence energy all-ways.

YOU…ARE…the divine energy in active presence as the Sea of Neutrality. AND! IT IS…your choice.

Opening of the Merkabah of Self-Ascension

This is a grand moment of energy. To be in form while the Merkabah of Self-Ascension physically and fully opens, is the reminder YOU…ARE…an integral part of the opening. IT IS… your ability to remember…that has called YOU to BE…NOW.

Whether you are hearing us, reading us, feeling us, YOU…ARE…HERE…NOW.

Whether you are here with us now during this physical opening, or reconnecting with us many years after this initial opening, IT IS… keeping the opening alive and tangible. IT IS…inviting this energy to continue resurrecting,

to continue calling, to be an ocean. To BE…the Sea of Neutrality




For within the Merkabah of Self-Ascension is the divine ocean of the portal of divine golden spiral energy.

This spiral energy ignites the energy of the hu-man form into the Mastery presence of the Divine Galactic Blueprint.


YOU…ARE… the blueness. YOU…ARE… fluid. YOU…ARE… opening. YOU…ARE… birthing.

YOU…ARE… remembering.

YOU…ARE… confident. YOU…ARE… the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation in form as the Sea of Neutrality.

We offer our gratitude for your Mastery presence…now.

We are diving with thee and open the grand pool of divine memory for your joy-full restoration of ALL.

WE…ARE… with thee. WE ARE… thee. WE ARE… ever connected.

With great love from the divine realms of the crystalline worlds of all true light of crystalline form, we shower upon thee now our divine blessing of appreciation and gratitude. With divine love for your blueness.

BE-LOVED Cosmic BEings of great light, we love thee.

WE ARE… ever present with thee.