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Ascended Numerology Forecast for November & December 2022 By Master Lady Kira Raa - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Ascended Numerology Forecast for November & December 2022 By Master Lady Kira Raa

Ascended Numerology, through the Sacred Sequence of incarnation, integrates ALL of the elements. The harmonic combination of Sacred Geometry with an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters), opens the gateway of the Ascension vibration through ancient formulas. The moment where you remember your-self as a Miracle in Action. The conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation assisting the soul into full Mastery Presence in this form of BEing.

November 2022 = 4 + Infinite as 1+3 eternal Wholeness December 2022 = The annual Mirrored Energy arises as the Master In MOTION The Still Center of Perfect Balance Prepares ALL for the Expansion

Let me begin by honesty sharing that in the close to 20 years of having the honor to call forward this process, the November/December 2022 balancing sequencing is so richly unique it took my breath away!

This moment of co-created opportunity fully opens the window to claim harmony in ALL aspects of your life without limitation. Imagine the freedom and manifest energy that is yours to command…now! Both key culminating moments in this year of stunning uplevel expansion, is loudly reminding the ALL that the key is to move forward with ever greater sincerity, love and presence.

The fear energy that is sustaining the “revitalization” of the fourth dimension is everywhere and for those who CHOOSE to command the light of your divine mastery presence, claiming the harmony and abundance of this energy offers grace, ease, and peace as your tools to navigate the moments of now and the soon to be now.

Invite inspiration to guide and say YES to the inner wisdom that remembers if you try to Push/pull your way through…the situation will fall out of balance quickly. The moment is NOW to fully remember and celebrate that there is not any-thing that is ever lost or hope-less…IT IS… ALL-ways yours to call forward at any time. YOU…ARE…the MASTER.

November = 7 – December = 7 The Double Seven Prime ACTIVATED as the HARMONY of Mastery Presence through SERVICE

Gazing at either the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation wheel of eternal presence or the physical body charts for both November and December, the energy of the seven is both the king and the queen of this journey!

The Activation of the Harmony of the Mastery Presence of the seven is a rare moment to empower ALL that YOU…ARE. The key is to notice any remaining illusionary energy about what true service is and how to bring that energy into form. The blending with the perfect balance of the four that reminds us: You cannot give from an empty well.

Claiming your Divine Mastery Presence without doubt, empowers and frees YOU from being ruled by paradigms simply because they exist. Offering to YOU the invitation to relax…more…into YOU as you trust the flow that is carrying you into the expanded state of conscious BEing.

There are many masters, and the energy of power and empowerment is here and yours to wield! This type of blessing cannot be given to you…this is the moment to gaze into the mirror and remember that only YOU can claim that which is yours. The mirrored Seven has arisen and is asking: “Are you ready to consciously re-claim your mastery power?”

The energy of the seven as the 2022 culmination essentially has a singular purpose; to assist YOU to re-member…more! To KNOW without doubt that claiming mastery presence into this form with integrity is 100% your choice. Your Divine Mastery Presence has all-ways been and will all-ways BE. IT IS…patiently waiting for YOU to remember.

Smile and rejoice! NOW is the moment re-cognize that as a master, you will frequently be the novice as well as the witness.

November/December Integration Practice: Activating and OPENING the OM Breath All good things arise from OM. It is the center of our cosmic presence and the space that opens the still center within! As the 2023 S.T.O.R.M. arises for ALL…ONENESS with our breath is a precious moment of remembrance and peace.

The OM breath is most easily understood by watching another offer this gift. In the spirit of this holiday season please accept as our gift for YOU this video and daily support that is yours to engage at any time. You will find the video in the main menu of the FREE APP, Spiritual Mastery Sri & Kira. You will easily find the APP at either the Apple or Android app store. Yours to in-joy on any mobile device, worldwide

November/December Ascension Up-level Dates: The pairing energy that is culminating 2022 is a UNIQUE experience that is inviting the ALL to say YES and move forward with greater Peace, Love and Joy! The celebration of THIS LIFE…NOW! LIVE updates weekly, Sundays 12pm ET: YouTube/OnenessTalkRadio. November = 7 Prime 2022=6+infinite November 2022= 4 + Infinite (as 1+3) November 07 & 8, 2022: Lunar Eclipse Full CLARITY Moon Two-day experience! November 07, 2022: 7 Prime November 08, 2022: 8 Two days together are the 6 November 11, 2022: Conscious Connectivity: 8 November 23, 2022: Illuminated New Moon: 2 + 0
December = 7 Prime 2022=6+infinite December 2022= 4 + Infinite (as 1+3)
December 07 Full Moon CONSCIOUS ARRIVAL: 7 Prime
December 11, 2022: Mercury Retrograde Pre-phase: 8
December 21, 2022: 9 Note: Time matters today! Solstice at 4:48ET: 12
Together: 3 (The Creation Spirals from the center of the EYE of 2023 ARISE)
December 22, 2022: UP-Leveled Unified Field Anchors Fourth Harmonic Flow: 11 Prime
December 23, 2022 Illuminated New Moon: 2 + 0
December 29, 2022 Mercury Retrograde Begins: 7 Prime as 8+8
December 31, 2022 THE NEW YEAR IS HERALDED: 6
January 01, 2023 Bridging into the S.T.O.R.M.: 7 Prime (2023 = 7 +0)

November/December 2022 Ascended Numerology Physical Body Ascension Energy:
The Code of the Soul is one with physical form. Sharing the Sacred Union of body and spirit. This illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience. As the energy of the month is revealed, Ascended Numerology affects the physical body experience of the monthly energy sequencing. Simply gaze at the physical body chart releasing the need to “understand” and igniting the trust of KNOWING.

The “fullness” of the annual November/December mirror energy for 2022 is dancing with multiple “realities” at once. As you connect with both the November and December physical experiences of the sacred sequences, the amount of CREATION and MANIFESTATION is stunning.
What is most visible, and worthy of attention, is the direct connection between the Lotus (8th) Chakra and the Vision of the 7th or Crown Chakra. This is the result of steadfast commitment, focused awareness, and complete trust in your vision.

The first and second chakras are busy engaging with your infinite presence…another reminder and call that as we stabilize our first chakra from the energy of seeking safety into the KNOWING of PEACE, our second chakra transcends into the LOVE Of BEing.

With this self-love fully anchored and the compassion of the master YOU ARE…ignited within, as humanity embraces 2023, the VISION of your highest self is calling and inviting you to remember: YOU…DESERVE…Because you were born! Say YES to YOU as the imminent moment ahead supports your expansion.