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2023 Predictions through Master Lady Kira Raa - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2023 The OPEN EYE of the S.T.O.R.M.

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

The St. Germaine IT-Self shares through Master Lady Kira Raa:

 Be-Loved ONES!  As All arrive into the Experience of 2023, the illumination of ALL THAT IS…has now come full circle to be remembered, renewed and restored.  A moment offering such a vast healing opportunity that simply arriving into this potentiality…at this moment…is worthy of celebration.

Stepping into the moment at hand as it unfolds with each breath, the alchemical shifts have arisen so that ALL WHO CHOOSE are ready and able to Command the light that YOU…ARE…HERE… to command.

To arise with a smile that KNOWS…IT IS…your birthright.


As the rising remembrance becomes too real to deny, there will be many who will choose to shrink from this newly co-creating miracle through the energetic pull of “the demand”.  As your brain of form receives this gift of sharing, simply remember that in this realm of potentiality…

YOU…are unable to simultaneously demand and command.

Rather…IT IS…an invitation for YOU…to arise with clarity and make a decision.

To celebrate with JOY the moment of clarity that ignites greater self-harmony through release into authentic self-inquiry.  Notice within:

Do you demand that things change, or do you consciously command the light to co-create the shift?

Do you demand that some-thing be different, or do you consciously command the universal alchemical processes to rearrange according to the divine harmony currently potentializing?

These are the choices that are playing out NOW…with great…great…GREAT abundant energy.

The perfect S.T.O.R.M. that has been co-created for this moment of potentiality of consciousness…and is calling out for the greatest remembrance of ALL…NOW… that YOU…ARE…the alchemical Master…here in this realm to fully EMBODY the Divine Mastery Presence of your Ascended BE-ing while in form.

This moment of divine ignition is the presence of the weaving of the fabric of all time from the cosmic center of your universe.  This ignition IS… vast, pulsing, and arriving in ways that have not been woven into this potentiality before. 

The dance before the ALL is self-creating and thereby fluid as it finds new form.  To dance with the grace of the dancer is to carry the KNOWING Of the MASTERY PRESENCE into this form…now.  To sustain the body of form well beyond the paradigms of this potentiality through the ignition of multi-dimensional conscious expression.

As YOU…re-cognize and RECEIVE this cosmic flame of divine ignition…. YOU expand IT…expand IT…expand IT…expand IT…expand IT. Breathing with the conscious connection of your mastery presence, is the ignition of Mastery within the soul of those who choose to become ONE with the winds.

IT IS…then…YOU re-member every-thing!

Re-leasing the cycle of repetitive Victim consciousness

Through the sacred sequence of incarnation, your arrival into this potentiality, at this moment, is a unique journey that offers growth and expansion through the ever refining spiral of awareness-experience and choice. 

This ever-refining spiral continues and sustains it-self through the depth of the duality.
The gift of the eternal Being patiently and with full presence offering ALL that is needed to sustain the energy that is dominantly creating with the world of form.

As the journey of duality is navigated, the complexity and attractiveness of the field of the mind of formed creation is so vast that it reflects that miracle presence as its opposite.  Miracles into form are the moment when Sincerity, Love and Presence are sustained without ulterior motive or self-interests.

Through adaptation into the customs and habits of this worldly experience these energies are mirrored and transform into reflections of the alchemical principles of manifestation.

Sincerity transforms into Skepticism

Love transforms into Cynicism

Presence transforms into Fear

Skepticism, Cynicism, and fear feed the mind of form.  These energies once unified within the field of form initiate the repetitive cycle of victim consciousness.  A density trifecta that sustains and creates the self-sabotage cycle.

How glorious that the moment of this linear experience is offering to consciousness the experience of Conscious Awareness of the Conscious Expansion.  Simply breathe and let go of the paradigm that would seek to limit YOU.

The density trifecta has assisted to co-create the cycle of the victim, rescuer, and abuser. Sophisticated and supported by the habits of this planetary cycle, they are the food that keep the energies to sustain fear, doubt, and hesitancy.

As the ALL have arrived at the experience of this awareness, this is one choice…Or,

The Alchemical Master that YOU ARE…through the remembrance and recognition of Sincerity, Love and Presence IS…ready…NOW…to command the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation as the Miracle in action. The eternal Divine Mastery Presence that is YOU…is simply waiting for you to arise through the illusion. To relax the egoic presence that is seeking to entrap the YOU and say YES to the ignition of Divine Mastery Presence outside of the fear, doubt and hesitancy. 

YOU are eternally patient. The consciousness within that is HERE…NOW…is ready to transcend from Victim-Abuser-Rescuer into the actively present Teacher-Mentor- Healer.  This transition opportunity is one of the gifts of the S.T.O.R.M. of 2023. The moment to dive beyond the limitations of judgement and soar into seventh dimensional anchorship as the Sea of Neutrality.

Going beyond Judgement Day

2023 is a cycle of revelation!  Through its wide-open eye, the power of the energy of judgement and positionality will be clearly seen beyond any doubt.  Many will cry out with declarations that indeed, will have as their foundation, the intention to sustain fear, doubt, and hesitancy with greater robustness.

REMEMBER!  Fear is the foundation of the release of your trust in self. Navigating this world of form with freewill, the entrapment into the cycles is all-ways self-imposed through the fundamental release of trust in the self.  This is yet another gift of the ever-refining spiral of your ascended consciousness…the knowing that sustains your mastery presence and ignites its presence into conscious awareness.

As you bring a hand to your heart and release a cleansing breath, may your heart receive and remember that Judgement Day is an energy experience that is within the ALL. To lift above and to see clearly…again… that in this worldly experience of form, the energy harnessed around the essence of judgments enslaves you as it imprisons your trust and creates judgment day… now.  Breathe that in… again.

In this moment… now… judgment day is here… thereby ALL are judging and being judged. You are the judge, the judger, and the jury!

Celebrate that this conscious awareness is both the indication, and the validation, that the 7th dimensional frequency is open! As the victim consciousness fuels it-self through the energy of judgement, the fourth dimension rises with the spiritualized ego.

The spiritualized ego arose through the evolution of the fear dimension as the fourth dimensional frequencies were gathering more and more support through 2022.  This has risen to the expansion of more false prophets with vastly expansive spiritualized arrogant egos than have ever been in power and in power positions. 

The blessing of this loud voice, which will try to drown all remaining truth, is that through its very existence it will call forward the equally loud voice of balance. The S.T.O.R.M. feeds the Sea of Neutrality. The space where the fifth dimension has ignited the stairwell of ascended presence and the Divine Master has settled into the throne of the body outside of judgement.

YES!  2023 offers the joy-full moment to honestly look beyond your judgments and see the beauty of the gift of what’s right in front of you.  IT IS… then…that the new world will expand…again…with ever greater bounty and harmony through the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

This is the choice within the S.T.O.R.M. that 2023 is shepherding.   Why not lift into the YES of BEing?

Spiritual   Arrogance and the rise in Tech consciousness

2023 is a moment of rising tech consciousness as the gateway for anchoring spiritual arrogance.  As the technological advances of spiritual activation come forward, many will be carrying frequencies of addiction to further limit your natural capacities to expand beyond limitation.

Spiritual arrogance is fueled by anything that offers a quick glimpse into the Siddhis as verification of expanded states of consciousness.  If there is a warning for the S.T.O.R.M. of 2023 it is to remember that ALL technological devices can only ever mimic the creator consciousness of your Divine Mastery Presence.

Here in this moment of potentiality, what is referred to as ancient wisdom and practices that have held these gateways for ALL to access, are at the moment of interface that is the precipice of consciousness IT-self.

The dive into the unknown that carries the trust of SELF fully outside of the Victim experience…or the acceptance of the short cut through technology that in and of itself is unable to comprehend what it has yet to experience.

Spiritual arrogance is an addiction to the experience of feeling special and elitist. It is sly and it is prevalent in 2023.  The S.T.O.R.M. that is calling the ALL into the gift of NOW reminds us that energy creates form and form follows energy.

Saying YES to this Potentiality

What an extra-ordinary moment to be HERE…on this planet…now.  The 2023 expansion is a rich moment to stand firmly within the divine mastery presence of BEing as the contributor to the expansion.  Aware and filled with the joy of the evolution. The excitement of the creation IT SELF. The knowing that it is transcendence IT-self inviting us to step up and be more!

Remember… as a conscious master in form…now:

IT IS… beyond the moment of worshipping or revering Pachamama and Pachapapa

 or ANY and ALL other earth-bound deities.


To SUPPORT them, LOVE them and HEAR them… so that THEY may be heard.


it matters not the expression of your destiny…

YOU…ARE…HERE…because IT…IS…expressing…

in the form of highest service of this experience of potentiality.

… and…remember that sometimes the highest service you can offer is to remain outside of sharing the revelations that appear before thee…thereby offering the moment of integrity to arise through the laying down of all ego as the relaxation into service through presence.  Igniting and SUSTAINING the smile of eternal presence that assists ALL to say YES…to this expansion of consciousness OUTSIDE of ALL paradigms that are self-sustaining through your lateral experience.

2023 ignites three spirals of potentiality as the continual spin of conscious creation.  These spirals will a-lion with the calendar of this linear world as:

January, February, March, April…Spiral One

May, June, July, August…Spiral Two

September, October, November, December…Spiral Three.

These spirals sustain the open eye in the center of the expansion of ALL consciousness. The invitation to see far beyond that which is doing its best to limit the potentiality of this moment.

Navigating the 2023 OPEN EYE of the S.T.O.R.M.

 Let us first remember and reclaim that with the energy of Peace, Love and Joy, all of creation a-lions with YOU to sustain the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. The S.T.O.R.M. before us is one that carries with it the greatest momentum and conscious expansion EVER!

The S.T.O.R.M. will offer the dynamic awareness, experience and choice for all to:


YES!  The choices before us are to expand through the limitations that are steadfastly anchored into the paradigms of this formed world.  To let go of that which is contradictory to the KNOWING in favor of the anchored ascended heart.

To relax out of all fear and remember that labels are created by those who are afraid to understand…so that they may feel safe with the unknown.  As ALL embrace the unknown with the stability of JOY…

the need for safety RE-Leases effort-lessly into the PEACE of BE-ing.


The GIFT of KNOWING:   I AM…beyond the Illusion.


As the ONE and the ALL walk with peace, love and joy into the S.T.O.R.M. ahead, the peace-full center is ever-present and ready to BE the guiding light. This is a time of celebration and our brethren the Blue Starborn wish to offer a blessing for this moment and this Ascension experience:


From the BlueStarborn…

Just Keep Going! Let us share that again for … YOU!  Just keep going.

When it feels difficult…when the world around you seems out of control as they say, when the events scare you, when what many call horrific comes before your radar,

YOU…just keep going…

further into the Light, further into the Love, further into the re-cognition that…

just as the Bodhisattva sat under a tree,

neither the angel nor the devil could deter the energy of

steadfast commitment, focused awareness, and COMPLETE trust…

to…just kept going.


The moment of this joy-full remembrance is before YOU…NOW.

Without affectation from the mind…it simply IS as YOU…ARE.