Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

The Flap and Clap Practice - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Flap and Clap Practice

Activate your Crystalline DNA and Ascension Energy!

From 2012: You Have a Choice!, pages 202-3

It is optimal to repeat this process at least twice a day, and anytime you need to shift the energy you are experiencing. There is no limit on how many times a day you can do this process!

  • Stand as straight as possible with the feet slightly apart and the arms resting at your side.
  • Close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Upon the exhale, open up a golden pyramid at the base of the spine and allow it to release infinity symbols up the spine.
  • Send the infinity symbols up into the center of the Exploded Crown Chakra, (approximately 6 inches above the head).
  • Keep breathing and visualize your wings behind you. Allow them to fully form. Focus upon the shape, color and size.
  • Continue until the wings are well defined.
  • Open the eyes and relax the wrists by shaking them a few times.
  • Slowly begin to raise the arms with the wrists very relaxed. Bring the arms all the way up to the top of your wings, and allow the hands to initiate the downward motion once you have reached the top.
  • Repeat this at least three times.
  • When you are half-way down during the third time, bring the hands to the front of the heart center in prayer position. (Hands together, fingers pointed up.)
  • Take in a deep breath and upon the exhale, begin clapping.
  • Continue clapping, breathing, and yes, even smiling until you feel the energy completion.

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