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The Container Practice

An introduction by Sri and Kira:

powerful and timely practice was gifted to us during a moment when we truly
had nowhere to turn as we felt our world was falling apart. The following message
was gifted to us and to the world through Archangel Zadkiel and since that time
our life has been miraculous in all-ways.

Archangel Zadkiel had only one request, that this beautiful practice was gifted
freely to the world and that anyone whose heart called them could teach this
to as many as they were called to share it with.

With Great love we offer to you The Container Practice and the miracles that
will come into your life with great abundance as you integrate it into your
daily routine. As your miracles come forward, please come back to the site and
share them with us! Since 2003 this practice has cleared the way for thousands,
has been included in two of our books, and is now ready to serve YOU!

We are grateful that this is your moment to discover this gift….again!
With great love and many blessings of Self-Ascension,

Sri and Kira

If you have any questions about this practice, please feel free to write TOSA

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Archangel Zadkiel speaks:

It is the time to make new acquaintances. When you make an acquaintance
you create a new opening. This opening creates an energetic pattern that allows
energies to meet, recognize, integrate and be. This is the
flow for all energetic shifts, and you begin by making an acquaintance.

Understanding Chaotic Energy

Energy is abundantly available to you. It is not a missing link; it is
not something that comes in from afar. When you make an acquaintance, it is
an important recognition because not all energy should be integrated. Not all
energy is for everyone. There are many different energy patterns. Some are substantial,
some are good for your growth, some are necessary for all paths, and some are
quite unnecessary!

Abundant chaotic and scattered energies are gathered now on your planet.
Think about it. What happens to energy that you discharge through day-to-day
interaction? Recall now one event when you discharged energy. It may have been
a reaction during driving or another you were speaking with.

Often your body will acknowledge there has been a chaotic energetic discharge
through a physical reaction such as butterflies in the stomach, shortness of
breath, or anxiousness. Your mind will also begin a focus pattern on the chaotic
discharge by “re-living” the incident causing it to actually generate
more energy!

Imagine how powerful the scattered energies are when
there is a large release due to earthquakes, storms, wars, and more. Where does
all that scattered energy go?

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The Earth is Full

For many years, this energy has gathered in many different areas of your
world and re-expresses itself based upon where and how it collects. Some is
sent back into the Mother Gaia [i] herself to be transmuted. Some collects in
large vortexes of swirling negativity which then birth even greater chaotic
exchange in those areas, and the minority is transmuted through bliss.

You have reached the time in your collective history where you must recognize
that your blessed Mother Gaia is full. Your loving planet has no choice but
to stop accepting more and more chaotic energies. The vortexes of accumulated
negativity must be responsibly released! It is time to demonstrate your light
expansion by recognizing this need and learning how to collectively send this
energy back to those who can recycle it.

As you begin to responsibly recycle the scattered energies of this world,
you will enjoy the vibration of the planet becoming ever more buoyant. We wish
to offer you the Galactic Yogic Practice to re-cycle energy for yourself, for
the planet, and beyond.

This practice should be taught to as many as possible
and is able to quickly and joyously clear any energetic imprint. You can use
it to clear imprints from a past life, from this life, on behalf of others,
and most importantly on behalf of your world. We simply call this The Divine
Container Exercise.

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The Importance of Energetic Discernment

Understand. The reason you need the Divine Container exercise is because
energies that do not suit you will inadvertently, and sometimes deliberately,
attach and become a part of you. This exercise clears that which is no longer
necessary or that which does not serve and then responsibly recycles it for
use in other worlds and dimensions.

Sometimes you open up to these scattered energies when making an acquaintance
without realizing or recognizing that you are welcoming in that which does not
serve you. Yet, there is perfection in this. The more you welcome in that which
does not serve, the quicker you are able to learn and dispel of it. It is most
critical that when this energy is dispelled, it is responsibly released. This
creates the gift of energetic discernment.

There are many that take on energies and hold onto them as their own without
understanding they can release them effortlessly. Through this holding, they
manifest tumors, depression, illness, and other diseases of the physical body
needlessly. When one feels out of balance, when one feels anything other than
Peace, Love, and Joy, the first step should be to send to the container the
unneeded energies that have made your acquaintance.

Know this! There is great responsibility when you begin
to recycle energy. One must be anchored in the Ascended Heart Chakra and be
present with the gift of true service. For many years chaotic energy has often
been sent into the core of your planet. This practice must stop as the time
of releasing is upon you. Your planet has already begun its release,
so anything you send into it will simply come back to you. It is time to release
up to your brethren who are prepared and able to lovingly recycle this energy
without harm. So let us teach you how to easily complete the process.

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your Divine Container

First you must create the sacred container. Creating a container is simple.
It must be of earthen material, and it must be placed upon the earth. If one
lives in an apartment without yard access, a small box of dirt would suffice
to place the container on. The vessel must also be imprinted with the energy
of the one who is creating it. This can be done energetically, through art on
the sides of the container, crystals, etc. Let your heart be your guide and
it will be perfect!

Once the container is created, you can complete
the exercise in the presence of the container, or by simply visualizing the
container you are aligned with.

If you do not wish to create your own container, feel free to connect
with and freely use the TOSA "mother" container in Guatemala which
now grids all containers, including the container from TOSA ranch. This sacred
vessel was hand created by the ancient maya and has
resurrected as the light vessel of transformation for all!

While you can use this exercise at any time, it is optimal to set aside one
time per week where you formally release all of the energy which has been safely
held in the container.

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The Divine Container Galactic Yogic Practice: Personal Use

by calling in a deep centering breath to the heart. Raise the right hand high
above the head with the palm facing you. (see Picture 1)

Become aware of the energy which you are wishing to release. You may wish to
call forth the energy of a stored hurt, or anger. You may also wish to release
lack of clarity or any other condition of past or present experience. Once you
call this energy forth, acknowledge it by declaring “I Love You”.
This is an imperative step.

Acknowledging with love circumvents polarizing judgments and allows
the energy pattern to dissipate quickly.

Sweep the right hand down in front of all the traditional chakras and at the
base chakra extend the hand outward, (see Picture 2), and state: “To the
container.” If you are not in the physical presence of the container,
visualize yourself releasing this energy into a container you are connected
with (for example, to the TOSA Mother container pictured above).

Repeat this process as many times as needed to clear all that is present. There
is no time limit. Know that you can always clear at anytime during the day whenever
you feel the need to discharge energy. Simply stop what you are doing, take
in a deep breath, raise your right hand, acknowledge the energy by saying, “I
love you”, and send it to the container!

It is important to use the right hand. You must remember
this. The right hand is the hand that releases energy. Do not use the left hand.
This is VERY important! The left hand should be held with palm open, allowing
you to receive Divine Love, to be in connection as you release with the right
hand. It is also best to stand when you are able.

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Energy and Emotions

When you accept an energy pattern that has come into your consciousness, how
you integrate it can be disharmonious. Sometimes you energize through anger,
sometimes through depression, sometimes through joy, sometimes through love,
and sometimes through simply sitting and being; meditation for example.

All energization while you are in a physical form is directly attached
to an emotional response. This is where you can become trapped in the emotional
body. It is the emotional body that energizes as you meet these patterns. It
stores them according to how they are met.

Recognize the power of being in the state of bliss and joy. When you are in
the state of bliss and joy, every energy pattern that comes to you can only
be met with bliss and joy. There is no other patterning, such as emotional chaos,
that can be attached to this energy thereby holding it into you.

When you are able to maintain the state of bliss and joy, you are protected
from anything that is sent your way as an interfering energy pattern because
it can not find a place to be energized and stay. It will immediately transmute!

This is the freedom of staying in the Self-Ascended state and bringing the
Ascended Chakra system into alignment. Let your heart be the root center! When
you are no longer captive by the issues of the traditional first, second, and
third chakras, the energy patterns that once manifested through them have no

When your system is weakened by the energies attached to these three lower
chakras, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras become influenced by
the same unhealthy energy patterns. Those patterns will shift the true purpose
of these upper chakras. Abundance, clarity, and true service all become challenging
and evasive.

One must completely align with the heart as the root chakra of the ascended
state in order to maintain Peace, Love, and Joy. By doing so, you are impervious
to all energy that is not aligned with your true service. It becomes quite simple.

You see the energy. You are able to meet it. You make its acquaintance, however
you do not energize it. You are conscious of what you are energizing and the
need for all the exercises is not as prominent because there is nothing to clear.

Remember, when you make the acquaintance of any energy pattern, you do not
have to energize it. Recognize that it is the emotional body that offers the
attachment to all these patterns. This is the power of the emotional body. This
is why the emotional body goes through so many fluctuations, because it is frequently
and unconsciously aligning with different energetic patterns, sometimes many
at once.

The Divine Container exercises serve to support bliss and joy. Once you are
in that space, you no longer have the need for the exercise. Know however, that
you will always have the need to do world clearing, and
it is always good to double check for a long time until you are sure about that
which is inside of you. Remember dearest ones, when you are sure you are complete,
check again!

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Divine Container for World Clearing

When your heart calls you to assist with energetic clearing on
behalf of the world, it is most important for you to be centered with your intent
for the clearing. It is most important that you clear yourself first prior to
clearing for the world. That way you will not bring any discord into your own
energy body. This practice differs slightly from the personal practice. Let
us offer you the steps.

  • Begin with both hands up in the air facing outward. (See Posture 3)
  • Call in a pillar of Divine energy from the Highest. As you clear for the
    world you must also allow yourself to have protection from accepting in any
    of the energies you are clearing.
  • Ask for the Highest service on behalf of the world without judgment of what
    that looks like. Judgment can easily become impaired when you clearing for
    the world. Is it not your judgments that you are clearing? Is there not the
    thought, “I am clearing what I believe should be cleared for the world.”
  • Place your two hands together facing outward while calling in from the Highest
    a ray of Golden White Light. Remember, this is purifying energy for the world.
    This is very important.
  • Then continue as with personal clearing by making
    your declaration and sweeping the hands down and out to the container. It
    is important to keep the hands out. (see Posture 4)

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Archangel Zadkiel continues:

Sri Ram Kaa: So we are not actually clearing a situation as
much as using a situation to cause us to bring healing purity to the world?

Archangel Zadkiel: Yes. As you call in the Golden White
Light, call forth the “I Love You” and with your hands together,
bring your elbows out until your hands are at the sixth chakra. (See Posture
4) The hands then push forward and send forth the energy to the container as
you release all that is not of service on a global basis to the container.

If one desires to have a group doing this at the same time, it is even
more powerful. Be sure, however, that the group does not stand in a perfect
circle. This is a Crystalline practice, so stand in the formation of a crystal,
not a circle.

After recycling energy for the world, one can spend from four to forty-four
minutes in meditation on behalf of the perfection of the ascended world. The
meditation can be a walk, a soul centered dialog, a
bath, journaling, or traditional meditation. Whatever form allows for deep reflective
clearing of the ego-based mind and centering on the perfection of the release
of the illusion is perfect.

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Integrating the Divine Container Exercise

Now you have made the acquaintance of all of these energies; those that
serve, and those that do not serve. Once you understand and use the Divine Container
Exercise to release, you will not ever be affected negatively by energy.

It is good to practice as you wake up and as you go to bed. Simply do a
quick clearing to the container for all that may have come in during your sleep
space and for all that that may have come in during the
day. Simply raise your right hand, and call forth “All that I have collected
today that no longer serves, I love you, to the container.” Remember that
your hand is facing toward you as you bring it through the chakras because you
are drawing the energies away from yourself.
(Postures 1 & 2)

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Clearing the Divine Container

Sri Ram Kaa: What happens to all the energy in the container?
Does it get full? What do we do with it?

Archangel Zadkiel: Such good questions and most important!
The energies of the container will safely hold everything that is sent to it
until you release it. As you know, all of the discarded energy is emotional.
So as you prepare to release the energies within the container, surround it
with great love. Invite all other free floating energy to join in the container
for release.

It is only necessary to clear the container once a week, and the steps
are simple.

  • Call forth the Highest Divine energy using any words that allow you
    to connect with oneness and love.
  • Lift your arms high and spread them wide as you call in the Love of
    the Oneness.
  • Offer into your container an Amethyst ray surrounded by pure white light.
  • Bring your hands to your heart and see your heart open as you beam the
    light into the container. (If you are doing this as a group, connect with
    each other at the third eye and move your hands in unison.)
  • Extend your hands and create a sphere of light surrounding the unneeded
  • Send this sphere up the Amethyst ray by lifting it with your hands and
    sending it forth with love, appreciation, and acknowledgment that it is a

It is important Dearest Ones to celebrate all gifts. We encourage you to
celebrate your awareness and your energetic freedom. Know what a gift your recycled
energies are. Many from other worlds and dimensions have waited for you to reach
this time. We love you dearly. Many Blessings.

We were also instructed through Archangel Zadkiel to create our Universal Mother
Container that is now permanently placed at TOSA Guatemala and grids all containers
throughout the world, including the container at TOSA Ranch, NM. All are welcome
to send energies to this loving and sacred vessel, (container). Every Sunday
evening at 6pm Mountain time, we release this sacred container and call in all
other containers for releasing. You may join us by clearing your container at
the same time or by simply taking a moment to acknowledge this brilliant planet
at that time. We encourage you to teach others this exercise and wish for you
to know that you can not ever “do it wrong”. Your loving intent
will always create the perfect environment!

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[i] Gaia is the Earth as the mother. The energy of the one who nourishes all.

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