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Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor Training

2016 Small Group Programs with Sri and Kira 

Self-Ascension® Intuitive Counselor
Training and Certification

The Secrets and Techniques for a Successful Practice!
A 7 Day Practitioner Immersion Program

Limited to 6 persons!

This full immersion program and teacher certification includes Mastery and integration expansion utilizing the vast energetics of Terra Nostra Essenah.

2016 Workshop Dates:

November 1 – 5
BONUS!   arrive early on Oct 31st for a special All Souls Celebration!


Finally!  For many years Sri and Kira have demonstrated masterful capability as Intuitive Counselors and Teachers, now you can learn how to cultivate your capacity to effectively counsel others.  If you are ready to step forward as a fully certified Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor, this training will seamlessly put it all together.

This workshop has been created to fully prepare you to set up your own practice plus feel confident and successful as you do!  Imagine waking up each day loving what you do!  This immersion process will also energize your “inner magnet” to attract the clients and people around you to be fully supported while doing it.

During the Self-Ascension® Intuitive Counselor program you will:

  1. Learn how to work with clients in a professional manner
  2. Receive supervised practice as you give and receive sessions
  3. Discover the blessing of Self-Ascension modalities when applied toward specific client objectives.
  4. Practice how to read a client through the intake process
  5. Learn how to present material in an effective way that clients love to hear
  6. Become confident in sharing quality information with a client
  7. Discover effective techniques for offering support, healing and coaching
  8. Receive the needed forms to open your practice and begin as soon as you get home!

You will benefit from personal mentoring from Sri and Kira every step of the way!  This assures that all your questions and needs are responded to with love and clarity.
Please note: This is a full certification program and does have pre-requisites as follows.

  1. Cosmic Life Regression — (available as home study!)
  2. Ascended Numerology — (available as home study!)
  3. Dowsing and Crystal Wand Usage — (available as home study!)
  4. Healing with Crystals — (available as home study!)
  5. Avesa Balancing(available as home study!)
  6. Navigating the Inner Matrix Violet Flame Mastery Training — (check available Tele-journey dates!) 
  7. Highly recommended though not required- Miracle Team membership



Your tuition is ALL-INCLUSIVE of all program benefits, full access to the beauty of Terra Nostra and facilities, room and meals.  Arrival airport transportation to Terra Nostra is not included and based upon how many will be in the van with you.  Please note that you may wish to arrive a day early and enjoy an evening in Punta del Este to relax, enjoy the beach, and acclimate.  We are happy to assist you with this.


Each program has full pay and a payment plan option. Payment plans involve a deposit and monthly automatic payments ending a minimum of 45 days prior to the program start. The balance after deposit plus a small payment plan charge ($22) is divided into equal payments for the number of months in the plan, up to 6 months. Your plan will be confirmed via email once you have registered.

Shakti Exchange
$1844 with a single savingsof $233 with Full Payment of $1611

Shakti Exchange Installment Plan- Deposit of $444 (balance $1422)



** Tuition for all programs is non-refundable. If needed, tuition paid (less the non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit) may be transferred to another program just once if the transfer request is received more than 45 days before the registered program begins. If less than 45 days before the scheduled program, all tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Whether paid in full or through a payment plan, the non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit for Intuitive Counselor Training is $444. All changes are subject to a $45 administrative fee.

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