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Unleash Your Inner Radical - the Joy of Passionate Action - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Unleash Your Inner Radical – the Joy of Passionate Action

Unleash Your Inner Radical – the Joy of Passionate Action


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Learn how to transform Anger into Passionate action

Humanity is at the moment of Passionate Action for the time of Passionate Shift!

Now is the moment to champion your inner radical for positive momentum through the Ascension process as you learn how to transition anger/doubt/frustration into positive action!

A new year stimulates much to contemplate and anticipate! As we enter the second year of the escalator to Ascension and are now firmly “on the climb”, the energies of our world are increasing as the pressure to Ascend or Descend is powerfully presenting. The seven polarities of freewill will enter into the next phase and everything will essentially double in energetic power. Everything!

2016 will “burst” forth as humanity will depart the energy of the Exploded crown. Clear choices will either lift you through this now open crystalline portal into the January energy of the Metronian Star, OR, drop…fast…back into a cycle of repetition.

The outer world is in chaos.  Everything is shifting and what was is no more. Governmental systems are collapsing. Societal and economic shifts on a large scale are looming as energies seeking to steal your joy!

Honestly ask yourself: Can I continue to witness current events without collapsing or lashing out?

This beautiful gift will share insights, teach techniques and offer information for the next stage of humanity’s ascension evolution! Learn how to transform Anger and Activism into productive Passionate action.

What does it mean to Champion your Inner Radical?

Inside each and every one of us is a Proactive identity that seeks to improve our lives, and the lives of others.  Sometimes we are so busy struggling ‘to make ends meet’ that we fail to nourish our inner radical.  Yet, once nourished, the inner radical brings Passionate Action forward into our lives.  This Passion ignites extraordinary joy and abundance. You will learn how to live from pro-active passion (Step out of  coping and ignite thriving)

  • Discover a fast and truly effective mastery technique to dissolve all remnant emotional reactivity.
  • Discover simple steps to fuel positive momentum in your life  – enhance clarity, power and passion!
  • Learn how to unhook from limiting beliefs as you anchor your Ascended living for the next phase of the journey!
  • Together we will explore how the current times can ignite your consciousness of 5th dimensional living effortlessly.
This is the time of ascension – destruction is the illusion.

We will outline techniques for quickly transmuting hurt and confusion into clarity as you discover new forms of balance and harmony while the outer world shifts and shakes. How do you want to experience the next phase?

It is time for Passionate Action and you are ready to Ignite your Vision!


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