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The Language Codes Master Class In Consciousness - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Language Codes Master Class In Consciousness

The Language Codes Master Class In Consciousness


Humanity’s Choice is EMERGING as IT IS…EMERGENT
Mark your calendar and KNOW that this moment is a MIRACLE!

LIVE via Zoom Webinar Tuesday Evenings
May 14 & 21, June 4 & 11, 9 PM ET

Four interconnected journeys that enhance the Time out of Time sequencing as the Keys to fully REMEMBER how to COMMAND THE ELEMENTS.  Diving fully into the “other side” of the Five Medicines through your Alchemical Lens.
The Gift of IN-bodying your Eternal Essence as the Active Sequencing of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation through the application of the Codes.

This is the moment that opens ALL THE DOORS.


The Ascension Renaissance is birthed and the Mastery of Your Alchemical Shift is NOW.  Collectively we have surpassed our Conscious Awareness through IN-formed experience beyond where we have ever gone before.

AND WE KNOW IT and are HERE to EXPAND through it.

…if that seems confusing …smile and KNOW that you have been here before and that you can remember it all and understand what is happening. Humanity’s CHOICE is Emerging…as IT IS…Emergent. Far beyond a play on words, we are ALL beyond the borderlands of that which would contain consciousness it-self

A MIRACLE MOMENT that is a blessing for ALL that are READY to break free from the paradigms of limitation and clearly see the view from the ‘other side’.

The Alchemical Self-Ascension of the ONE and ALL is a balancing and sustaining frequency far beyond the energy of dogma. The moment where the gift of KNOWING…. I AM as YOU ARE… is placed into formed existence.

Fully navigating Humanities Time out of Time moment, the Ascension cycle of Awareness, Experience and CHOICE spins eternally. Through this eternal “clock” the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation continually carries us through this expansive shift with the ‘life raft’ of the numbers them-selves.

Buried within it ALL are the language codes that awaken your divine mastery KNOWING beyond the self-sabotage fields of fear, hesitancy, and doubt. You are ready to remember the language that resonates with the frequencies of Divine Mastery presence. Once remembered and applied these codes “unlock” the subconscious knowing into ACTIVE BEING as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

The moment where Star Consciousness FULLY ILLUMINATES. Sustaining your Crown chakra of this specific body as your Multi-dimensional Alchemy. The divine partner and the Sacred Union of Essence & form. Imagine the blessing of KNOWING YOU…FULLY.

Tuesday May 14 & 21 at 9pm ET, the First of the four journeys into Consciousness IT-self will reveal that which is hidden, that which is before you, and that which is yours to CALL FORWAD into FORM. After the May Journeys we will “rest” for 7 days of Integration. The deep dive into the practices learned that support the body to adapt.

The Integration of Essence and Ascended Frequencies is a rare gift that is yours to cherish and remember in your unique way. Living the gift of Self-Ascended Presence, once accepted by ALL the medicines…is the moment you ARRIVE …home…again.

June 2024 is a PROFOUND HOME Moment for all of 2024. Saturn surrounds the spin of the polarities as that which is EMERGING…meets that which has EMERGED.

We will come together again on Tuesday, June 4 & 11 at 9pm ET. The June deep dive assists us to SPIN the Five medicines from the “other side” while calling forward the Active presence of Alchemical Transformation.

This Masters Journey into Consciousness IT-self is a four part journey. This is a LIVE ZOOM Webinar with Mastery Lady Kira Raa and your Questions will be answered during the journey.

Shakti Exchange is a donation to Global Minga:  $55

Mastery Mentorship Discounts apply

Live attendance is ALL-ways BEST…however if you are unable to attend live, be assured you will absolutely receive this blessing through the videos only.

With your Shakti Exchange you will receive:

  • Access to ALL FOUR Mastery Consciousness Journey’s May 14 & 21, June 4 & 11
  • Video of ALL journeys to gift your-self with a deeper integration
  • FULL Color PDF for each journey
  • Visionary Art from MLKR facilitating an ease of expansion
  • Your questions answered LIVE during the journey
  • Ability to email questions between May 14 & June 14 as may arise


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