Temple Ankh Only – Limited Edition w/ Numbered Certificate

Temple Ankh Only – Limited Edition w/ Numbered Certificate


This Limited Edition Temple Ankh IN-bodies the Living Energies of this Potentiality as In-Formed Divine Mastery Presence.  Energized at 16 specific mystical sites in Egypt + the Pyramid of Peace, they carry the FULL PRESENCE of all Six Ascension Initiations.

Temple Ankh Only, in gift box w/Certification


The Journey of the Temple Ankh is Unique and Yours to Claim!

Imagine the gift of visiting 17 Sacred sites and the energies that are unified.  Throughout the Sacred Ascension Journey to Egypt in June, 2023, Sri & Kira carried a very special limited edition of the Ascended Ankh as a sacred covenant to offer the tangible anchoring of the Unified field to ALL who are ready to claim it!  This is a LIMITED EDITION of 200 and each Temple Ankh is accompanied by a Numbered Certificate.

Designed to be placed upon a Sacred Altar or carried as a talisman, the potency is undeniable and the connection strong.  Hold it in your hand during meditation or place it on your forehead and relax into a depth of connection that is waiting for YOU to REMEMBER and BE!

To expand the potency of the Temple Ankh and in celebration of the 2024 I AM Resurrection, also consider the Holiday Temple Journey Kit by clicking here.


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