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Soul Sourcing-Twin Flame or Twin Soul - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Soul Sourcing-Twin Flame or Twin Soul

Soul Sourcing-Twin Flame or Twin Soul

Suggested Donation $22.00

Discover Your Soul Group

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Suggested Donation $22.00


In just two sessions:  Discover your Soul Group and the ways that it affects EVERY ASPECT of your life experience!

Honestly understand what you may have thought were mistakes as you CONSCIOUSLY CALL IN your Soul to lead the way!

Call forward with Clarity your Soul’s Unique Journey! 

What if you were CLEAR why you are here…now? What if your soul could speak to you and share what it is you are ready to know? 

 Shakti Donation supports ALL TOSA Indigenous Outreach programs! Open your heart, donate $22 to support those who desperately need your love AND THRIVE!

This is a two-session journey and upon registration you will receive BOTH THE VIDEO and PDF of the Twin Soul or Twin Flame program!

You will receive FULL COLOR and EXPANSIVE PDFs and the videos for both journeys.  


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