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Self-Ascension Cards of Clarity - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Self-Ascension Cards of Clarity

Self-Ascension Cards of Clarity


Imagine receiving instant CLEAR guidance for any question!

“The Cards of Clarity are Incredibly Accurate and open a direct connection to your Higher Wisdom!” 

Using these cards expands your natural intuitive channel with loving guidance.

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Now is the time to go well Beyond Tarot as you discover the Ascended wisdom of your Divine Self!  Also included are instructions on how you can offer readings for others, should you feel called to assist others!

The guidebook shares the beautiful story of how this profound  card deck came into being! Connecting with this magical support NOW as you engage the world, assists you to rapidly Re-Claim your Authenticity and REMEMBER the truth of who you are.

The inspired guidebook can also be used as an additional intuitive tool, simply ask your question, hold it to your heart and open the book to receive your answer!

This easy to learn divination deck offers in-depth Guidance and the 52 Cards were created without faces or preconceived images based upon the instructions gifted through Kira Raa from the Ascended Realms. Consider the true wisdom that flows into your consciousness when it is just you and your Higher Self coming together with sincerity to receive honest Clarity and Accuracy!

Four quick start cards are included with your deck to facilitate your first readings with ease!

Both revealing and uplifting the Cards of Clarity empower you and assist your abundant nature through the Yoga of Self-Ascension. You will delight as you unlock the gateway to your greatest potential and discover the treasures you carry within!

A MUST HAVE for your Self-Ascension Tool Kit!

This Bonus edition of the Cards of Clarity includes: 15 Archangel Cards, 15 Ascended Masters Cards, 12 Benevolent Ones Cards, 8 Self-Ascension Cards, 2 Source Cards, 4 Quick Start Cards.

Also includes: I AM GUIDED! Comprehensive Guide Book to explain the significance of the cards and offer Advanced Spreads Special Gift: a Golden or Violet Velvet Travel Bag hand selected for you!


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