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Sacred Union, The Journey Home - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Sacred Union, The Journey Home

Sacred Union, The Journey Home


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This is a powerful, timeless book!
Discover how the path of Self-Ascension was started. Learn about lifting yourself out of mass consciousness and living in Joy. Experience the Power and Joy as the Journey of You. Learn why Thousands are living a life free from judgment, doubt and fear in the midst of global chaos as we “countdown” toward 2012. Honest, revealing and sometimes shocking, Sri and Kira share their experiences with angelic beings, including the loving guidance of Archangel Zadkiel, who teaches us that Self-Ascension is a state of consciousness – a simple choice – available to us all. This is the inspiring and updated Second Edition version! Sri & Kira lovingly and honestly reveal their inspiring story that activated a soul agreement, a spiritual opening that brought in angelic visitations, visions of a possible new earth, and the transformation of their bodies, minds, and hearts. This is no ordinary love story, it is the discovery time and again that Trust is inseparable from Love. This is the state of Being that cultivates the Path of Self-Ascension.
In this remarkable book, readers will learn:

  • To love themselves unconditionally.
  • Joy is a choice, the building block of Self-Ascension.
  • How to transform daily life, with or without a partner, into an experience of Divine Sacred Union.
  • The healing ability of true Soul Nourishment.
  • The power of Authentic living and Gratitude.
  • How to effectively use Transparent Communication to improve relationships with anyone!
  • Why sex, healing and Divine Union are Sacred gifts.
  • We are all evolving, and WE are not ALONE in the process!


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