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Rods – Quartz 2

Rods – Quartz 2


Quartz 2 rods are reported to gently enhance well-being.

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The Rods-QUARTZ powerfully suppress stress. The quartzites in Rods-QUARTZ create soft effect of “presence” in a pyramid, that helps a person recover his own protective field. This protective field helps prevent another’s energy from affecting a person’s vital processes.

Please note: If you take the Rods-QUARTZ in your hands late at night, when you want to fall asleep, you may experience the feeling of cheerfulness within next few minutes. This signals that the Rods-QUARTZ have gentle stimulated the Central Nervous System.

This effect causes a blood pressure stabilization of the people, suffer from hypotonia (low blood pressure). Quartz rods are reported to gently enhance well-being.

The Rods-QUARTZ are manufactured in three types:

The Rods-QUARTZ 1 – the most mild effect. Recommended for elderly, weak people, as well as for children for better attention concentration. (Quartz-1 are available by special order – please email us.)
The Rods-QUARTZ 2 – the most universal remedy. Their effect increases gradually, without sudden changes. The effects can therefore be easily controlled.
The Rods-QUARTZ 3 – – are of a more intense effect, and thus better suited for people having some experience with energy management.

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