Private Consultation with Kira Raa – Balance Due

Private Consultation with Kira Raa – Balance Due


Angelic Oracle Kira Raa’s ability to bring forth messages from your Soul family and guides will answer your deepest questions. The energy transmitted is pure, healing and specifically for you.


A Half Hour Session with Kira Raa is $555

Your initial  $55 deposit was required to reserve an appointment date with Kira Raa.  This $500 payment will complete your session fee.

Please prepare yourself to receive your Soul Reading by pausing your regular activities at least 15-minutes before your scheduled time.   Clear away all ‘density distractions”, turn off your phone and meditate or have a cup of tea.  By relaxing into a meditative state you will be better able to receive the powerful healing that comes forward from Kira Raa’s sessions.

Please note that Kira Raa begins working with you energetically from the time your appointment is confirmed. if you miss your scheduled appointment for any reason you may reset one time for a $55 change fee. If you miss your second appointment you will have forfeited both the session and all money paid. Please carefully read all communications regarding your session and please ask your questions. This policy assures mutual respect and maximum benefit for all.


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