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Crystalline Update: AVESA Balancing for Previous Students

Crystalline Update: AVESA Balancing for Previous Students


Three Bonus Avesa Balancing Trainings – For Past Students only!

Your Spiritual Mastery APP discounts apply!  Use your coupon code at checkout.


If you have completed the Avesa Balancing Home-Study training, then you are eligible to receive the updates and enhancements at discount.

In real-time you can review and unlock the full power of the Avesa Balancing technique alongside Sri & Kira from the Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber at TOSA Blue Mountain.  Enhance your Healing Capacity!
Sri & Kira will provide two video sessions to clarify and expand the Healing Opportunity that is the Avesa Balancing. 
1)Review of the procedure and flow of the Balancing. Introducing additional protocols, Live Q and A
2) How to integrate the Avesa Balancing with other modalities. Introducing Additional techniques
Bonus session: Mastering Avesa Distance Healing and Using the breath to balance the chakras 



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