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Monthly Private Support w/Master Lady Kira Raa - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Monthly Private Support w/Master Lady Kira Raa

Monthly Private Support w/Master Lady Kira Raa


MASTERING YOUR LIFE Private Personalized Coaching

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How far do you want to go?  READY TO AUTHENTICALLY LIVE the YOGA Of Self-Ascension?

A sacred sharing from the Heart of Master Lady Kira Raa:

“There comes a moment within our lives when we reach the pinnacle of our expansion and KNOW that there is more! These are the moments that call us out! The moments that challenge us and have us face the depth of the Master we are! The ego screams and so many “reasons” seek to stop us! I KNOW THIS MOMENT and I KNOW THE GIFT of working with those who have paved the way. If your heart is ready to “DO THE WORK” I will champion you! I will hold your hand and together we will jump!  It won’t be easy! You may not enjoy everything I share. It will be AUTHENTIC! I WILL STAND BY YOUR SIDE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and YOU WILL SUCCEED!”

Master Lady Kira Raa was blessed to make her “first million” at the age of 27. She was a successful CEO and literally died of cancer at the peak of her career! Her fascinating & successful journey in harmony with her unique perspectives offer a depth of range and ability to assist ALL that is rare and beauty-full!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Master Lady Kira Raa is sharing this Mastery Energy through PRIVATE MENTORING of your VISIONS AND DREAMS in harmony with the “practicality of living” to assist those who are called to SOAR .

Shakti Exchange: $1,222/month auto-pay or single payment of $4,444.

2 Monthly Payment Plans are also Available.

A four month commitment is required! Click here for an application and all details to be sent to you.



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