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Monday Magic! Single Session Registration - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Monday Magic! Single Session Registration

Monday Magic! Single Session Registration

Suggested Donation $8.00

Spiritual Up Liftment!  Every Monday is your Opportunity to relax, learn and lift! This is a donation event; simply contribute as your heart guides!

Your Spiritual Mastery APP discounts apply!  Use your coupon code at checkout.

Suggested Donation $8.00

Minimum Donation $4.44


#Monday Magic

Begin your week with the energy and information that calls forward your Ascended presence!

Ready to Ignite the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation into your active life experience?

Each weekly session is unique and together they weave a magical thread of energetic upliftment and positive manifestation into the day to day moments seeking to stop your divine nature!

Each Monday unlocks keys of the Universe for this precious time on our planet.  Be present for inspired Insouled messages and gather with spiritual community.

These LIVE sessions are offered on a Donation Basis.  Please share as your Heart Guides.

This donation will register you for  ONE Monday session.  

You can also register for the 12-week entire series, click  here.




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