Monday Magic – Living in the 5th Dimension – Single Session Donation

Monday Magic – Living in the 5th Dimension – Single Session Donation

Suggested Donation $4.00

In Depth Spiritual Education!

Monday Sessions start June 8:  Living in the 5th Dimension, a  series of 12 lesson

Each Lesson offers POWERFUL Assistance to live and Ascended Life while navigating density

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Suggested Donation $4.00


The 12 Lessons of Living in the 5th Dimension  are powerful recognitions of truth that assist you to navigate  your way through density while holding Miracle Presence.

These teachings were directly transmitted to Sri & Kira through Archangel Zadkiel.  As you engage this series, your ability to discern divine wisdom and truth further ignites as your fear releases and your doubts become a smile of recognition. The true empowerment of your Mastery presence!

Ready to Fly?  Join us each Monday and unlock the keys to your freedom…NOW!

These presentations begin Monday June 8  at 5:00pm Pacific Time  and continue each Monday for 12 weeks

Enjoy the laughter, community and stunning insights as you gather with Sri & Kira Monday evenings for a live discussion of these priceless Lessons.

You will receive a printable Session Outline the day before.  Each Live Video Presentation is recorded.  You can enjoy live interaction during the event and the day after the presentation you will receive a link to replay the video.

To Register for any Monday Session,  please confirm your donation amount in the space above.  You may also use this link to offer donations throughout the 12-week series.


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