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Golden Ray Expansion – Video Journey

Golden Ray Expansion – Video Journey


NEW AND EXPANDED 2021 Content!  Live Interactive Video Journey will be taught by Sri & Kira. Discover The Truth of Your Multi-dimensional Being.  

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The Golden Ray Ignition!
Ignite the 9th Dimension and Hold the Frequency of your Cosmic Truth.
Five Live Sessions with Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa From the Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber at TOSA Blue Mountain.
Prerequisite: 2021 Navigating the Inner Matrix Violet Flame Ascended Mastery Training

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The Golden Ray Experience

Navigating The Inner Matrix: The Violet Ray, is your passport to the Golden Ray experience—a stunning journey into the Ascended Presence of your Mastery Being.

Navigating The Inner Matrix ignites the LIFT that anchors your Self-Ascended Heart. This gift provides the practical and spiritual tools for YOU to put into action as your life experience, (family, job, relationships, culture, government, etc.).

Anchoring your Ascended Mastery Self-Ascended state of Peace, Love, and Joy expands consciousness exponentially. YOU ARE the waking co-creative energy of the MASTER.  Fully living this experience with conscious awareness of your multi-dimensional BEing is now inviting you to EXPAND those insights.

NIM is the foundation, and now that you have built it…There is MORE!  And… YES!  YOU ARE READY!

Honestly and completing Navigating the Inner Matrix relaxes the body and mind of form to receive and sustain greater consciousness.  Fully prepared to see and experience your MASTERY TRUTH, the Divine energies of the Golden Ray emerge as loving support.

One of thousands of past Golden Ray participants share.  “In the Golden Ray I experienced bliss for the first time.  My entire being shifted so profoundly and deeply. I was filled with such a profound feeling of absolute freedom and unimaginable joy that all of a sudden I was flying through the universe without limitation into the arms of the Divine.  It touched my heart and changed me in an unforgettable way.” 

Re-birth into the Enochian Lifestyle of living. Anchoring your life as the Self-Ascended spiritual experience of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.  This ignites the golden flame of eternal love that burns through your own constrictions while illuminating the pathway for others.

The Golden Ray journeys, initiations and symbols, were directly received by Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa from the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Each journey has an Archangelic discourse and expansive metaphysical consciousness training that broaden your mystical channels into the loving embrace of your Self-Ascended energy.   An effort-less experience that amplifies your ability to fully live in the Fifth Dimension & beyond!

Vastly different from the NIM experience, The Golden Ray includes:

  • Ancient mantras
  • Sacred meditations
  • Attunements to the Four Sacred Divine Symbols

These Living Symbols align, clear, connect, and empower YOU in ever refined ways of Living, breathing, moving Symbols you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Navigating The Inner Matrix 2021  is your passport to Golden Ray Mastery.

Another former attendee  shares:

“When I signed up for the Golden Ray course I expected a continuation of Navigating the Inner Matrix, focused even more on personal development and spiritual growth. Was I ever underestimating the amazing revelations Sri & Kira are ready to so lovingly share! If more people knew what is in store for them in the Golden Ray course there would be thousands scrambling to work through Navigating the Inner Matrix to qualify for participation in the Golden Ray! At the end of the course I felt a truly compassionate, all-encompassing love for all of us here on this planet, accepted my responsibility for the role I have chosen in this lifetime and was able to connect to the Divine in ways I would never have imagined. Ever. I feel so enriched, so expansive, so Divinely loved and trusted.”


The Golden Ray is an energy activation that will further ignite your understanding and TRUST in your Divine Nature 

Attuning yourself to the Golden Ray frequency offers you the opportunity to LIFT THROUGH THE CHAOS of the planet and to SOAR into your Ascended presence while still enjoying your earthly body! Yes, it is YOUR TIME to lead with your Ascended Heart and walk forward in courage, tenacity and unconditional love.

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