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Cosmic Life Regression

Cosmic Life Regression


You know you chose this world, this body, these parents, this timeline. Have you ever wondered, or even struggled with, WHY? Cosmic Life Regression is a powerful technique that offers absolute clarity on this question and shines the light of revelation on your life’s mission!

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COSMIC LIFE REGRESSION, a powerful connection to the journey of your Soul.

Cosmic Life Regression Tele-program and Master Cosmic Life Regression Intensive! “When we touch with clarity the past experiences of our cosmic soul, we integrate the jewels of each experience to fully heal our past, ignite our present, and secure our future.” ~ Kira Raa ~ Imagine yourself with the gift of complete clarity as to your life purpose and, if you choose to do so, the ability to offer this gift to your family, your friends and even clients!

This program is a certification course that is highly beneficial in all aspects of your life. click here to register Over twelve years ago, Kira Raa was gifted with the ancient Cosmic Life Regression technique by the Archangelic realm. Because of the energetic shifts and opening of the quantum immersion portal, she is now free to teach it for the first time ever!  Discover for yourself the mysteries of your eternal Soul.

A personal message from Kira Raa:
“When I had the gift of experiencing this protocol for the first time it was the catalyst that opened my life to profound answers to my deepest questions. Within months I was living a totally new life. Sri Ram Kaa and I were able to “find” each other again and I was 100% clear on the experiences of this current life along with the voyage of my cosmic heritage. I understood how they all fit together and was able to let go of the density illusions that seemed so real and so often distorted the truth.

Through this clarity I was able to gain the confidence and support of the universal beings of divine light to carry through with my mission for this extraordinary lifetime. So many times over the past 12 years there have been challenges along the way and when they come forward I touch back to the profound gifts of this process and again harvest the jewels that are ever present. My heart is filled with such abundant gratitude that this gift can now be taught to YOU!” What is Cosmic Life Regression?

During a Cosmic Life Regression, your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that the soul body can fully release and be taken on a guided journey to the cosmic points in your soul’s lineage that have energy charges that are relevant for who you are now.

The gifts of this program are extensive and upon completion of this program and the cosmic life regression experience, you will absolutely know:

  • Why you chose this planet.
  • Why you chose this life
  • Why you chose your parents
  • What your life’s mission is

You will gain clarity on what brought you to this moment!

The Tele-program gives you a powerful foundation, and everything needed for you to learn how to access prior lifetimes before incarnating on earth.  The Master Intensive, offered periodically helps to anchor deeper understanding as well as be certified to teach this process.

THIS COSMIC LIFE REGRESSION TELE-PROGRAM is an in-depth program with Kira Raa. Includes 6-audio recordings, interactive workbook and step by step procedures.

Become certified as a Cosmic Life Regressionist! Learn BOTH the telephone protocol and in-person technique.


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