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Cosmic Essene Energy Activator - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Cosmic Essene Energy Activator

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Cosmic Essene Energy Activator

Quartz Crystal Star

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Cosmic Essene Energy Activator…
A celebration of the opening of TERRA NOSTRA ESSENAH.
Two Metronian Stars crafted from Himalayan Quartz as one brilliant Sacred Union of Energy!Specially created to sustain the frequencies of the Cosmic Essene!
Lovingly crafted from pure Himalayan Quartz Crystal these powerful crystalline activators are a rare gift. Placed anywhere they immediately open a portal of crystalline light and invite clear and benevolent connection with the cosmos. Imagine the blessing of holding one in each hand as you meditate.
They are also an inspiring energy for inviting a depth of clarity and comsic connection. Each point of the ‘star’ invites in the full presence of the Cosmic ray. As each ray arrives “into” the crystal it is then unified in the center. From this unified stream of crystalline light the blessing of both giving and receiving is birthed as miracle presence into your life.
Invite the infinite gift of connection with the Cosmic Essene as you enjoy the presence of crystalline activation with effortless ease. A generous 2.5″ diameter they are large enough to hold the presence and yet comfortable to be in your hand.


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