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Consciousness As Healing 3-part Video Class - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Consciousness As Healing 3-part Video Class

Consciousness As Healing 3-part Video Class


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Consciousness AS Healing
Video Masterclass, A Three-Session Event with Sri Ram Kaa
Ready to open greater understanding of how your Consciousness actually Commands Healing?

Eager to experience Ascended states of Being?  Embracing a more joy-filled life?

Then smile and KNOW You have ARRIVED!  Through this empower-filled series you will discover and remember the GIFT of how healing yourself heals the world!

In this powerful series, Master Avesa Quantum Healer Sri Ram Kaa will guide you through the exploration of the Divine Power of your Consciousness.  Unlocking the Keys to Quantum Healing revealed the keys to our   enlightenment.  Now is your time to look closer and discover what has been waiting for you to know!

Experience Advanced Energy Healing as you join Master Avesa Quantum Healer, Sri Ram Kaa in an interactive healing journey that will activate inner recognitions while unlocking YOUR greater healing capacity.

Each live session will offer a teaching and a group healing  providing  you with ever-greater harmony, wholeness and inner peace.

Putting his 30+ years of active exploration of consciousness and extensive energy Healing Experience into full service, Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa is indeed the “healing teacher of teachers”.  As a Master Avesa Quantum Healer, he offers a discernment and applied wisdom missing from other modalities. Experience the energy as Sri shares with you how quantum energy can rapidly help anyone release unproductive patterns in their life experience and thrive!

“powerful”…. “activating”….”inspiring”…. “healing”…”transforming”…”empowering”

Session One:
Discover your Quantum Power through Levels of Consciousness, Commanding the Light to release Pain, Access your Divine will
Session Two:
Cultivating the Witness: Spiritual surrender as a Mastery gateway
Ego, the repository of pain,  Healing the Reactive Inner Child
Session Three:
Sacred Union with the vessel; Healing your body through Ascended Presence
All three Sessions will be available to you immediately along with printable class discussion notes.


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