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Avesa Medical Intuitive AMI-1: Chakras and the Physical Body - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Avesa Medical Intuitive AMI-1: Chakras and the Physical Body

Avesa Medical Intuitive AMI-1: Chakras and the Physical Body


Powerful Video Class Series! Updated 2021 Content

Join Master Avesa Medical Intuitive, Sri Ram Kaa, as he explains the relationship between the chakra system and one’s physical health.

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Discover a powerful healing modality and deepen your understanding of the role of thoughts, emotions and beliefs on one’s health

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This is AMI-Level One, the foundation for understanding the science of the Chakras and their relationship to the Physical Body.

Updated for 2021:

Three, 90-minute Video Home Study Classes!

Avesa Medical Intuitive Certification Option!

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In this 3-part video class you will be presented with a deep understanding of how the chakras interact with the physical body and its organ systems.  Discover how Mental and Emotional energies influence the human energy Body and the physical health of the person.

BONUS: March 4, 2021 Sri offered a live presentation to answer your questions and take you into a deeper understanding of how subconscious beliefs  affect our health.  You will also receive a Guided Initiatory Visualization for Healing and Happiness.

The environment of each chakra will be explored in depth. This in-depth exploration will also include the effect of the chakras on the functioning of following physical systems:

nervous system,
circulatory system,
immune function,
muscular system,
reproductive, excretory and
skeletal system, including joints and cartilage.

You will be trained to understand how to associate common illnesses to the responsible chakra(s) and receive introductory training in practices that assist to call forward enhanced stability, balance, and harmony for the client. AMI Level 1 training offers expansive theory & perspective.

This class is foundational and after completing AMI-1 you can then learn (in AMI-2) how to scan the energy body and associate your intuitive information to the chakras and physical body.  AMI-2 opens understanding on how the emotions and belief systems affect energy flows.

This is the foundation for building your practice as an Avesa Medical Intuitive, as it presents the energetic model associated with the human system. This class offers deep insight into the Human Energy Field and this material is suitable for students of all levels. A certificate of completion is available to those who take the optional final exam.


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