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Ascended Numerology Master Session - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Ascended Numerology Master Session

Ascended Numerology Master Session


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Unlock the Code of your Soul!
Ascended Numerology Master Session with Master Lady Kira Raa

Say YES to the gift of claiming ever more of the divine truth of your soul’s journey and how it is interwoven into this lifetime.
Ascended Numerology is the ORIGINAL and ESSENE way of using numbers to reveal the depth of our soul’s journey.

This clarity offers wisdom that is often profoundly liberating supporting you to heal and move forward in ways that will inspire you

What is a Diamond Foundation Chart?
Soul charting is a UNIQUE “map” of the adventure of your soul in form during this lifetime!  It reveals clarity as to why you were born where you were, your name, and your choice of when and where you incarnated.
Through careful analysis it reveals information that affects your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. This information presents the ability to accurately bring forward your personal needs for healing and spiritual growth.  The chart is created through the application of the numbers generated using the ancient system of Ascended Numerology and reveals your unique “soul signature” and attributes.

Your Master Session Includes:



  • Full Color PDF of your Personalized 12+ Page Ascended Numerology Report including:
    Your Soul’s Diamond Foundation and Master Soul Code revealed
  • Complete Soul Chart showing alignments with the divine energy of this lifetime of experience
  • Full Interpretations of the Diamond Foundation Numbers
  • Practices to assist you to Claim the highest potential of your Diamond Foundation
  • Your soul’s intention for this lifetime
  • Application of your Sacred Sequence as it affects your physical body
    Bonus! Specific answers to THREE personal questions

45 minute LIVE session with Kira Raa to fully explain your report and answer your questions!
You will receive a recording of the Live Session and the 12-page custom chart

The full session is $275 – Two Payment Plan Available- Just ask!


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