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The Ascended Healer’s Toolkit! Video Series w/Sri Ram Kaa

The Ascended Healer’s Toolkit! Video Series w/Sri Ram Kaa


Home Study Programs for Healers

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Now Available as a Home Study Class!

A rare event hosted by Avesa Master Teacher Sri Ram Kaa!

Each session can easily stand alone and the three journeys, (four sessions total), come together as the PERFECT HEALING experience for literally everyone!  Now you can benefit from Sri’s vast experience as a Healer and discover effective techniques for helping humans heal.   Absolutely a MUST for ALL Healing Arts Practitioners and VALUABLE for EVERYONE to know and apply into their lives!

All FOUR SESSIONS for only $48

Ascended Forgiveness:  Claiming Freedom Now!

Ascended Forgiveness: Claiming Freedom!  This heart-centered protocol includes NLP and meridian techniques to effectively resolve the hurts of the past without re-entering the trauma.  Ascended Forgiveness utilizes  the power of the I AM Presence coupled with techniques that will liberate judgments and negative expectations from the subconscious. Freeing trapped energy accelerates our healing and offers the client more creation energy.

Releasing Trauma Imprints, Part 1, an Ascended Meridian Tapping Protocol

In this 2-part video presentation you will learn how to effectively apply meridian tapping  (EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique) in a specific way to release trapped energy bound to trauma events. The experience of trauma often creates helplessness and a sense of powerlessness and a loss of power/control. The result of this advanced process is to release bound energy through a ‘time-slice protocol” thus offering greater freedom, peace and harmony for the client. Greater emotional resilience & Joy follow. There will be live demos.

Note:  You need to have a basic understanding of EFT as the basic technique will not be taught.  This class offers an expansion of the EFT protocol.  (You can visit YouTube to discover many free EFT training presentations, if needed.)

Dissolving Trauma Imprints, Part 2, Integrating Freedom!

Part 2 includes a live demonstration with treatment nuances explained.  You will receive handouts detailing the flow of the technique and Practitioner options.  You will also learn how & when to effectively apply the “Ascended Forgiveness Protocol”.

Healing the Time Line

Healing the Time Line:  healing the past through Ascended Energy Healing. This is a healing technique that combines visualizations with body movement, thus helping many more clients integrate the healing.  This technique involves the body in the healing process using kinesthetic signals.

Very useful to anchor healing energy into present time.

We will also address sending healing energy forward to help the client trust their future.


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