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Featured Miracle Team Member

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Sue Sturtevant

Sue Sturtevant

When I consciously started my journey of spiritual awakening around 17 years ago, I quickly began to discover that we all carried many wonderful gifts within us that were just waiting for us to discover!

Was it real?  Or was my imagination having a field day with me.  The more I learned from trial and error to really listen to the truth of my heart and soul, I was always guided to the people and places that would truly support the vision I hold dearly within. 

Now as I look back over the last 7 years or so fully on the path of Self-Ascension I can honestly say I can’t imagine my life had I not been guided to Tosa when I did. 

Just recently having come through 28 months of caring for my mother whose increasing dementia and sometimes volatile behavior rocked my world to it’s core, testing all my beliefs, challenging the depth of my trust and almost bringing me to my knees on more than one occasion to fully surrender to the process and to allow my own personal growth and healing to take place.  (shattering many illusions along the way).

While my home is pretty isolated in location, there was no time, distance or separation between myself and the crystalline energies of my Tosa family, the Miracle Team and close friends and family.  It was the unyielding support, love and strength that truly helped me through the most challenging times.  How often do we not ask for help?  How often do we not ask the universe for what we truly need, because we feel we can do it all on our own! 

There were many gifts and blessings that came forward throughout this experience and I am in awe of how we really create the opportunities we need to grow and evolve.  In some ways, my journey with Self-Ascension is just beginning.  I thank each and every one of you for your Presence here on our beautiful Gaia, and all that YOU bring to the world.  I look forward to our continued journey together!

May you walk in Peace, Love and JOY!
Mitakuye Oyasin,  All My Relations,

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