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Insoulment Teachings and Miracle Ceremony



Miracle Team Members are gifted each month with a Divine Journey into their I AM Miracle Presence during our Miracle Team Gathering of Spirit & Ceremony. Every month, Miracle Team members join together in a unified stream of presence and love with Sri & Kira LIVE for each ceremony. As a group of miracle holders in form, together we dive deeply into the lessons of Self-Ascension. Each month the Gathering of Spirit culminates with the Angelic harmonies of the Healing Light as we co-create Miracles through the Divine Spirit of the Sacred Heart. Many share their personal miracles and journey as the entire team holds presence and love for this sacred container.

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Each month, everyone is welcome to submit prayers, intentions, and miracles to manifest to the Healing Light to receive a wave of miracle energy!

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What is the Monthly Self-Ascension Teaching offered by Sri & Kira?

The first Saturday of the every month at Noon PT, USA , Sri & Kira ignite the team and offer personal time for each TOSA Miracle Team in attendance. This sacred gift offers deep connection in the following ways:

  • Miracle Team members ask questions directly to Sri and Kira and also share miracle experiences and requests.
  • Sri & Kira extensively review the prevailing energies of the month and offer expanded teaching from the monthly revelations videos available to the general public on YouTube and This additional wisdom and support offers greater understanding and empowerment to navigate the prevailing energies of the month as this gift is integrated into the culmination ceremony. (Many often reconnect with the audio of the ceremony throughout the month to further deepen this gift. Audios are sent to Amethyst and Crystalline Benefactors and the full archive to access anytime is available to members with full site access.)
  • An individualized monthly ceremony of manifestation culminates this community connection and sets the stage for abundance and miracles in action for all members.
  • The Healing Light prayers and requests from all over the world are energized and blessed so that all may benefit from this collective reunion.

The grace and ease that exists when the community of Miracle Workers gather is extraordinary and YOU are part of that gift or you would not be reading this!

Delivered to the Miracle Team by Archangel Zadkiel

Hello Beloved Ones…Hello!

It is with great joy and reverence that we come to say hello to you today and to share the revelation of the Sacred Heart energy that is pulsing through you like a diamond of great light.

All hearts are indeed sacred, and all hearts are ignited with the energy of the blue jewel as they call out to the reunified stream of Divine Love that is ever present for you.

So why do we offer the name of Sacred Heart to you today?

We offer this name to you as the beacon of VioletZadkielrecognition that, once activated through the sincere energy of attraction, your heart generates the energies of all miracles!

To ignite a Sacred Heart is to call into your heart the unifying flame of the trinity energies of Love, Sincerity and Presence.




When you breathe in these energies without defining them, you create a sacred flame of violet energy that swirls around the heart center igniting it with the propulsion of Divine light.

This propulsion energy then calls forth from within the Miracle of expression that can only serve your highest call to being-ness.

This is the energy of the Sacred Heart and the foundation of all Miracles expressed and all Miracles united.

For the full expression of all miracles is unfolded through a unified field of loving beings who have come together with love, sincerity and presence. When the collective Sacred Heart is re-birthed and re-united…all miracles unfold.

Let every moment of your Divine journey call to it the energy of Divine Light and a Sacred Heart.

And so it is.

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One of the most profound gifts we can collect for ourselves during our journey in form is the harnessing of Divine Spirit through a Sacred Heart.

This includes the recognition that as miracle makers, we are each able to Command the Light.

When we harness our co-creative power and learn how to Command the Light with Peace, Love, and Joy, a crystalline heart beats within all who choose to awaken its beauty.

Through the collective love and Divine Spirit of the Miracle Team together again, this universal co-creative energy is harnessed and directed toward the upliftment of humanity.

Each month, the Miracle Team members have the opportunity to come together to literally create Miracles as a group through the Divine Spirit of the Sacred Heart and to expand our co-creative power and receive information and teachings from Sri and Kira.

As a Miracle Team member, every day is filled with the gift of this focused energy pulsing through you and guiding your actions. And, as a team, once each month we come together to strengthen this gift on both a personal and planetary level.

Harnessing the power of Commanding the Light, Sacred Intention, Sincerity and Love, and through the loving presence of the Archangelic realm, this monthly ceremony will assist you to:

  • Learn how to Command the Light for the benefit of yourself and mankind
  • Co-create your personal Miracles
  • Connect with others to generate highest service Miracle Energy for prayers, intentions and miracles-to-manifest sent to the Healing Light
  • Assist with the presence of greater Light on our beloved Gaia
  • Anchor your connection with Divine Spirit
  • Ignite your presence as a Sacred heart

May every moment be the unfoldment of your Miracle and every action be guided by the Divine Spirit of the Sacred Heart.

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