Miracle Team Sacred Intention

Miracle Team

Together as a community of light, we bring forth the Love,
Wisdom, Compassion and Universal Connection of the Divine.

We are the Divine in Action and support each
being to re-member
the Miracle Making energy that is the birthright of all.

We celebrate that we have chosen to be on this
planet, at this time
in history, and that each being who is sharing this journey
with us is Divinely Guided.

Our Sacred Intention all-ways embraces the wholeness
of each
expression of light, and joyously we celebrate the Miracles of all.

Together, we remember:

I AM a being of light created to expand the love
of the Divine.

I AM the Divine in Action in all that I do.

I AM the Miracle making presence in every
constructive activity I call forth.

…And so it is!

Your participation as a Member of the Miracle team is designed
to offer you the maximum
benefits of the energies being offered to humanity through the Archangelic realm.

Included in this Sacred Intention Packet are several integral team “assignments,”
and it is your choice which of these to bring into your life.

All-ways allow yourself the gift of spaciousness with any Miracle Team material.
This energetic a-lionment is vital for your success.

To that end, here are the Miracle Team basics that the
Archangelic realm has requested you embrace:

    • Please establish a personal Miracle Altar and send a picture of your altar
      to join our Crystalline Altar.
    • Learn and practice the Miracle In-Lionment process.
    • Take time to read and, if you can, participate in the weekly Miracle Team
      messages as gifted from the Archangelic realm.
    • Use the Mantra of Self-Ascension on behalf of all beings and world healing.
    • Establish the habit of holding the vision of highest world service.
    • Honor all Six Billion paths on the planet.



Embracing Miracle In-Lionment

When Archangel Zadkiel shared the content of this process, we were immediately
thrilled by the quick and positive shifts we experienced. Every aspect of our
lives lined up with greater Divine Flow, Abundance, and even greater Miracles.

The key to this process is your consistency
and sincerity.

Simply read through the steps, create the asked-for components and then allow
spirit to work through you in abundant and powerful ways.

As more and more team members practice this process, we will together have
a positive impact on the current events of our world, our families, our communities
and ourselves.

Step One:

Create a sacred space within your bedroom that is your personal Miracle
Altar. This can be as simple or elaborate as you are called to do. Include,
or have available by your altar, the items sent to you by mail: the 4 cards
of the Sacred Altar pack, the mantra card, and the crystal.

Once complete, please take a picture of your altar to be emailed to TOSA
(Step 3). It will then be included in the weekly Crystalline Altar ceremonies
at TOSA.

Step Two:

When your altar is complete, take at least 7 minutes in front of it and
focus on the intention:

The Miracle (s) I call forth for myself and the
world are:

Hand-write your Miracle Vision and place on your altar.

Step Three:

Email a photo of your altar to support@selfascension.com with the subject
line Miracle Altar photo. If you do not want you altar photo to be shared
with other MIracle Team members on the private Miracle Team area of the website,
please indicate that in your email.

Step Four:

As a Miracle Team Member my heart, my love and my service are committed

  • Self-Ascension and the process of Peace-Love-Joy
  • My personal miracles
  • My global miracles
  • The reunification energy of all beings

Click here to complete submission of your vision from Step Two and your declaraton
of personal and global miracles. DO NOT KEEP A COPY OF THE PERSONAL AND GLOBAL
MIRACLES. This will be sent back to you at the end of a year. This declaration
will be your touchstone to TOSA during the year and will be sent back to you
at the end of that time.

Step Five:

Do your best to spend a minimum of seven minutes each day in silent presence
with your Miracle Altar. Meditation is not necessary; it is your presence
that is the most vital piece of this process. Allow whatever comes forth to
simply be present for you during this time.

Step Six:

Start a Miracle Journal. We encourage you to print out (or, for deeper energetic
connection, re-write) the weekly message and practice, and journal on your
experiences. It is important to trust your experiences without judging them
and this journal is your personal guidepost on this journey.

Note: If you currently have a personal journal, please get a new one
for this purpose only

Step Seven:

This final step is an energetic process that you are asked to complete in
its entirety once a week. You can, of course use this process more often, however
as a team member it is requested that you set aside the brief time to complete
this with sincere focus.

If you are not familiar with some of the practices, we have indicated underneath
each where you can find them.

The Miracle In-Lionment Practice:

    • Begin with several deep Avesa Breaths
      click here for information on the Avesa Breath
    • Read your Intention that was placed upon your altar
    • Declare the Mantra of Self-Ascension
    • Pick a card from the Altar Deck that is calling you. Ask for guidance
      as to any other energy/messages that are calling to you in this moment.
    • Apply the Miracle Manifestation Technique for yourself
      click here for information on the Miracle Manifestation Technique
    • Repeat on behalf of the world
    • Perform the Flap & clap technique
      click here for information on the Flap and Clap practice
    • Read the weekly message delivered on behalf of the Miracle Team by the
      Archangelic Realm
    • Apply the Weekly Practice as sent to you via email

Remember: The Healing Light is a powerful resource to assist you as you encounter
challenges with this
or any other process. Click here to learn more about the Healing Light


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