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Yummy and Satisfying Masala Dosa Kira Style!

This is a traditional indian dish that has tons of variety! You can prepare this for breakfast as a fun “Sunday brunch” option or enjoy it for lunch or dinner!
masala dosa

As with all of the indian dishes I create I do “cheat” and use a mix for my dosa!  It is easier to use, less intimidating to make and tastes great.

You also can avoid having to buy a Tawa (and typical indian pan to fry the dosa)!  I purchased a large round “griddle” that is perfect!  And, you can always use a large flat fry pan, just remember that a cast iron type pan work best!

OK…lets make this yummy treat.

The Dosa:dosaimix

As I have mentioned before, I purchase my Dosa mix through  I have found this brand to work just fine and if you live near an Indian grocer you may have a better selection!

Just follow the directions on the package for a tasty Dosa that avoids any of the pitfalls of making the batter from scratch! 

DosafillingThe Filling:

The beauty of the Dosa is that it inspires creativity!  You can fill it with just about anything…including yummy tofu scramble!  

However when it comes to the traditional taste of a dosa, why reinvent the recipe when there are several great ones online!

Here are three links to my favorite “stuffing” recipes, listed in order of my preference for ease and taste.  

Remember that you can play with this!  Avoid intimidation and have fun.

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