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by Sri and Kira

Often people visit the Archangelic messages at as a way to quench their thirst for communion. 

We each travel the path of our evolution in our own way.  Yet universally, we have a thirst for Oneness that underpins the search.  The seeking of Enlightenment, the search for true Union and the desire to find Peace with the outer world; these motivations are present in the sincere seeker.

Divine Communion is everywhere and all-ways available.   “Hidden in plain sight” write the Sages of old. The culture of the outer world believes in distortions such as struggle and separation, hierarchy and effort, fear and unworthiness.  These notions color ones ability to recognize the true path.

These beliefs are like the mythological creatures
who seek to slay the hero on his journey.

Communion is a stunning rare jewel and the pathway begins in the heart center.  Each of us must transcend the illusions of the lower chakras of form until we can take rest in our ascended heart energy.  The ascended heart offers the respite of Peace and unconditional acceptance. 

Yet, the heart is not the destination –
it is the foundational fuel that will carry us for the rest of the journey!

There are as many spiritual teachings as there are seekers.  Our egos have refracted the one Light into a myriad of distortions and we seem to need a refracted teaching in order to discover the divine mirror.  Yet, if we cease to continue the journey of our spiritual evolution through the teaching, then we become trapped by our worldly attachments. It is then that judgment and fear once again take root in our consciousness.

A diverse myriad of spiritual practices and divine representations is not blasphemy –
it is a reflection of the human condition! 

Within all true teachings there remains sparks of illumination.  This is why all of the various pathways each have their true believers. If you are unable to recognize the illumination woven into the refractions, then it becomes easy to criticize. 

The Insoulments found at are messages gifted to us all from a perspective that is not bound by the refractions of human consciousness.  These messages can at times be disconcerting. They can be reassuring.  They can be confusing. 

All these reactions are signs of your own
consciousness evolving on its journey.

This is why it is so useful to go back and reconnect with a message that you have already visited, again and again.

Revisiting is a way of offering respect to yourself.  It is an honoring of your journey.  Recently we shared a “Primer” – you will likely find it useful to revisit that loving and profound communication.  Then, trust its teaching as a way to approach each and all of the messages.

When we can see the One who is living in the refraction,
we begin to knit together that which was asunder.

Your life is your spiritual path.
 Honor your life’s journey while abandoning all sense of specialness. 
Love has no personality; it flows through all.

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  1. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you Sri and Kira for everything you do helping so many of us on our paths,you truly are loving and warmth oozes from you,blessings to you always x

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