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Wobbly? Trusting Our Divine Inner Guidance


The Living Self-Ascension Series

Trusting Our Inner Divine Guidance

One of the greatest gifts of living our Self-Ascension is the vast wisdom of the universe that is ours to command when we hold our Love, Sincerity and Presence.
As we endeavor to trust our Inner Divine Guidance with ever-greater clarity, there is a period of time where we wobble. And it is not uncommon for these times to come forward after we are confident we are complete with them.


Wobble is often misunderstood and wobble is usually triggered by doubt or fear.  This doubt or fear most likely is brought on by the lack of confirmation from the outer world about who we are, where we are going and how we express ourselves.  Wobble can be triggered by a need to address some inner healing issues or the desire to please others while denying our inner truth and guidance.

WOBBLE IS A GOOD THING when we view it through the lens of Self-Ascension.

Each of us ‘wobbles’ as we do our best to establish new priorities.  This is normal.  Why is it normal?

You chose Earth!  This is normal because you have a body, a personal history, and an ego that desperately wants things to remain the same!  After all the pain you know is comforting from the perspective of the ego.

As Archangel Zadkiel so lovingly reminds us, the ego is a sly pirate!

The ego understands that you are ready to reclaim spiritual solutions to life’s challenges, and will do it’s best to provide you with spiritual rationalizations and authorities that will interfere.  By appealing to your doubt and fear, it is the ego that becomes the saboteur of your Divine Inner Guidance.

Remember always…the ego has only one motive…to be sure that you doubt your Inner Divine Guidance and you are fearful of new action…this assures that it may remain the captain of your ship!

Living in Self-Ascension teaches us to smile at this dance of the ego and the divine.  As we embrace a Self-Ascended life we are able to move forward with Peace, Love and Joy.  We actively stabilize our emotional body and our chakras as we open the Ascended Heart as the root center to our universal wisdom once again.

We allow ourselves to recognize that doubt and fear are merely tools to remind us that we are moving forward rather than allow them to stop us from expanding.  When we solidly anchor the Self-Ascended state we see through a larger lens.  This lens opens as wide as we allow it to.

Along the journey it is reassuring to be with those who have also made this choice. To share and experience others on their Self-Ascended journey and smile that each being is doing it perfectly!  There are no wrong turns…only one loving pathway that we are creating and re-creating with each sacred breath.

As you move forward into your life experience, may you often call on a proven and simple gift to guide you and allow your pathway to be clear.

The Mantra of Self-Ascension


You are ever guided and you are ever Self-Ascended.  It is time to fully trust and empower your Inner Divine Guidance.  Make peace with the fear and doubt and befriend the ego.  Stay the course and smile with delight.

With great love
Sri and Kira


As we navigate into the month of Love, February 2013,  the Archangelic realm has made it very clear that Sri and Kira are to offer as much personal assistance as possible to those who have questions.
Are you wobbling?
Are you looking for reassurance and clearer Guidance?

In an extraordinary act of great kindness Sri and Kira have opened up this entire month to offer as much personal guidance as possible.  They will begin this Saturday! Sri and Kira will read your emails and Insoul a direct Angelic response! An amazing gift to the entire community.

If your heart would like an Archangelic response to a question, then please write to us.  If you would like confirmation of your own intuition, then write to us.
We invite you to be sincere and to articulate your need clearly and in an email that is not too lengthy so that we may assist as many as possible.  Take action today and write your question or concern and send it to  – in the subject line please type Sacred Question. (when your email is read we will not reveal your name, however your location would be lovely)

We look forward to sharing these questions and Archangelic responses with you and the world this Saturday at 1pm Pacific Time.  This will be the Insoulment for this month as Sri and Kira have been guided to offer. click to register for link

It is your questions that will shape the Insoulment according to your personal inquires and the greater global responses that are bound to come forward.

Reflect on your heart’s desire and email your questions to us by Friday at 3pm Pacific Time.

We are the community of Divine Crystalline Light, and together we are Self-Ascension!

Also all month long Sri and Kira have opened up as many slots as possible for private readings and Avesa Soul Restoration/Healing Sessions.  Most usually have to wait up to many months for a private reading with Kira and this is a wonderful gift.

Sri and Kira are also, for the first time, offering Avesa Soul Restoration/Healing sessions and special discounts have been made available as well.

It is a month of love.
May you begin with you!

5 responses to “Wobbly? Trusting Our Divine Inner Guidance”

  1. Dear Sri and Kira

    Thank you so much for the perfect timing of this message. I have been wobbling so much this last 2 weeks I have nearly fallen over!! Then comes the message and it lifted me back to where I know I am immediately. Thank you so much.

    Many many blessings and thanks x 100000000

  2. I was looking on Google for what is causing the wobble on the steering wheel of my car at low speed. While the search was going on I checked my e-mail and there is…. Are you feeing Wobbly? Yes I have been feeling wobbly lately not just my car ! The Synchronicity of that search and the e-mail was timely! I haven’t been lifted back to where I was yet….but thanks for the message. Trust and Faith
    can be a difficult thing in difficult times.

    Love’n light

  3. Namaste Sri and Kira,

    I have to say that my wobble ended just before receiving this message, but it confirmed to me what I had been experiencing was a wobble, which was very reassuring.

    Thank you for all your timely messages.

    With much love, Gail

  4. This was a really good and needed message. S.ince returning from Guatemala I have been wobbling. I have had a clearing In my head my neck and a shoulder. I believe we can wobble when our body is not keeping up with the vibriation level of the soul.Thank You for what You do. Love Mikey

  5. Thank you do much Sri&Kira!!
    This message comes to me in perfect timing. I have progressed so much in the past year and most drastically the last three months. And even though progress on some fronts continues, the past few weeks I have noticed intense regression in old areas that I haven’t seen for years. The message about wobble being a good thing puts it all Ito perspective as I understand now it’s coming up for healing on a deeper level. Thank you do much for the reality check and comfort block. Infinite blessings hope to meet you guys one day

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