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What is Global Chakra Vastu?

The vast implications of the five months prior to March 2015 and the five week opening that begins in December 2014.
chakra vastu

Throughout the ages there have been many words offered to create a sense of magic or mystery.  The numerous texts of the ancients are filled to capacity and those that have survived are often misunderstood or become hidden due to dogma.

Yet, there are the universal gifts that have withstood the many ages and the prevailing energy of misunderstanding.  This is where we find the science as first described in the ancient Vedic texts.

Chakra Vastu is the blending and universal expansion of Vastu Shastra which was largely applied to physical building structures.  It is a science that works well to harness the energies of your physical living space, and it is important to remember that you are MUCH more than your space!

What about the energy of your ultimate home…earth?

What about the energy of your divine home…your body?

As we reawaken our universal citizenry the unity of ALL of our spaces and the energies that are present through them becomes paramount.

Perhaps most importantly, as the fifth dimensional space begins to anchor with greater presence the movement of the overlay’s is becoming a tangible one.  Starting in November 2014, all of humanity moved into the five-month portal that culminates in March 2015.  This movement was initiated through the three blood moons of the summer of 2014.

This energy will overlap with a RAPID culmination and manifestation of the same five energies within a five week period beginning on Sunday, November 30, 2014.

The anchoring of the Chakra Vastu energy is the science of balancing the universal energies and maximizing their benefit!  This is achieved through the understanding of:

  • The Five elements and their primary directions
  • The planets of these elements
  • The Chakras of the physical body
  • The Sacred Geometry of these elements

This is a divine moment as it is offering to all who are ready to remember the Miracle of fully opening your manifest Shakti energy for the benefit of all humanity. When we offer ourselves this gift we transcend the drama of the earthly and become the living presence of the divine!

To assist all who are ready to remember here are the key components of the five weeks of December 2014, and remember, that this is also the same energy of the monthly rotations of November 2014 – March 2015.

November 30-December 06 (This was also the energy of November 2014)

  1. Earth, (Prithvi), this is the energy of the South and takes the shape of a square. The planet that rules this energy is Mars and it is tied to our Root center. This energy governs the sense of smell and work in the world. It can try to make you believe you must work and sacrifice yet the truth is that you are sustained because you are born into the arms of the loving mother of the earth. It is about Self-Awareness through oneness and community

As you navigate this earthly energy perhaps try this mantra:

I have the birthright to exist and be supported because I am born!

December 07 – December 13   (Also the energy for the month of December 2014)

  1. Water, (Jal), this is the energy of the West, and is in theshape of the semi-circle. Largely influenced by the Moon and the Second Chakra. There is a great opportunity here as it also governs the sense of taste. Balancing this energy and paying attention to it offers you the gift of remembering your infinite nature and flow.  As you connect with your life’s purpose and passion the water element balances.  Joy, pleasure and creation of your life become a natural state.

December 14 – December 20  (Energy for the month of January 2015)

  1. Fire (Agni), This is the energy of the East, and the shape of the triangle or the pyramids! It is a strong energy of the third chakra and the sun. Through this energy we are able to fully understand the sense of sight and the active principle of internal power. Fire can be a “tricky” energy and when balanced it is a powerful energy for calling in success. During both the week of fire and the month of fire it is important to remember:  When I am in my power I stand alone in wholeness and am no longer dependent upon anyone nor is anyone dependent upon me. I find my freedom.

December 21 (Solstice!) – December 27  (Energy for the month of February 2015)

  1. Air, (Vayu), The Northwest is the direction of this element as it calls and balances our heart center. With the shape of the circle, a reminder of our infinite nature and an alignment to the color green, air offers to us the caress or sense of touch. Largely affected by the planet Mercury and the action of possessing. Our beloved planet is green and just below the green is the “support” of the earth element. The Green earth is the reminder of the energy of the heart you are born into. The heart of the mother infinite.  And then the energy of fire is used to transmute this in balance.  During the time of air we are taught  lessons of unconditional love and trust.

Here is a mantra you may wish to use during these “air moment”:

I love, I trust and I give generously.

December 28 – January 03, 2015  (Energy of the month of March 2015)

  1. Ether, (Akasha), is the balancing energy of the North. Different from the other elements it carries with it the shape of a space vaccum, this can be as if it is a wormhole to the universe. Deeply affiliated with the throat chakra, and the largest of our planets in this system, Jupiter, this is a BIG energy.  It invites us to truly pay attention through our sense of hearing and our manner of speaking.  This is the “sky”, the ether of our world, your words and your truth become the limitless blueness to expand and explore.  When ether is balanced it brings forward your wisdom.

As we navigate these times it is important to remember that this is happening against a backdrop of ignited drama and world restructuring.  Each of these energies stands alone and All five must be in perfect harmony to sustain a world of balanced mind,body,spirit…peace!

January 2015 arrives as the first of many activations!  It opens to all of humanity the Spirit Element. Beyond the five elements of the world of density this carries with it the shapelessness of vast space.  It harmonizes with the colors violet and indigo. How perfect that this invitation arrives with the New Year as it is the sense that governs our sense of thinking, our third eye and crown chakras.  Thereby alerting us all now that we will be seeing and experiencing come January an active principle of judgment, perception and prayer/meditation.  These all can be brought forward with love and balance and for those who are awake it will be the reassurance that we are free to be.

The vast connection to the Chakra Vastu global opening and your personal experiences you begin to remember that when you are connected you release the densified ego and learn acceptance.  This opens the gateway to complete realization of:  I am content and I am blessed.

Limiting beliefs, fears and doubts block our energy centers and our ability to fully harmonize with the elements of our world and bodies.   With blocked energies we attract obstacles, diseases and problems that seem cyclical and difficult.

This is the blessing of connecting with the current openings and understanding them!  The moment to fully harmonize and release the blockages is essentially being gifted to all of humanity during a supportive moment of recreation!

We invite you to gaze each week at the prevailing element and to pay attention and witness yourself.  To harmonize with the five months through March 2015 so that as the escalator to 2022 opens, you are lifting with it.

With great love

Sri & Kira

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  1. Thankyou sri and kira for helping me be a better global citizen. I love you guys and feel as if you are part of my close family,i plan on enjoying your wisdom .and helping other to understand. THANKYOU emm

  2. Sri and Kira, I deeply appreciate how well you are serving us all by offering such wisdom with so much buoyant joy, love and laughter. I hope to visit you in beautiful Guatemala in the near future because I too feel a kindred family connection to you both. I adore dancing and I just love how often you speak of dancing through life – thank you for shining your light so bright and nurturing all of us to do the same!

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